March 15, 2018

Marbul novelties — ahead of the (wabi-sabi) curve

Now available suspended, recessed and in a sexy threesome, Marbul offers an edgy new take on the design trend that’s dominating 2018. Roll on, wabi-sabi with a cool, clean twist...


Marbul: Perfectly imperfect

Asymmetric. Atypical. Artfully incomplete spheres. Our Marbul luminaires — named after the West Flemish word for the humble playground toy — have embraced the ‘imperfectly perfect’ spirit of wabi-sabi from the start. And now our three new additions to the family, Marbul Suspension, Marbul Recessed and Marbul 3xLED, show how you can shine a fresh light on 2018’s latest design trend...


Wabi-sabi 101

We’re pretty sure you didn’t read it here first. Wabi-sabi is doing the rounds on interiors blogs in a big way — billed as the next must-follow mania in the wake of the hygge apocalypse. All those virtual hearts we gave to perfectly curated cosy spaces will soon be forgotten, as our feeds make way for a new laid-back, lived-in aesthetic. Wrinkled linens, wonky wooden elements and worn-in objects. This, according to style forecasters, is wabi-sabi: the new design trend based on a centuries-old Japanese philosophy summarised as a celebration of imperfection.

While we’re as welcoming of this humbly wonderful aesthetic as the next, there’s a fine line between a beautiful mess and, well, a mess. It’s all about balance. But a deeper reading of wabi-sabi means you can have the best of both worlds — keeping your clean-lined minimalist ideals alongside the trend’s more rustic, organic principles. Marbul to the rescue!


Dynamic versatility: at the heart of our novelties

Like wabi-sabi, Marbul loves to work with the elements you already have. Designed for the renovation market, this light family is innately flexible, suiting any space and easily integrating into existing infrastructure. For our 2018 Marbul novelties, we took these existing principles and pushed them further to bring you three dynamic new degrees of versatility.


Unaffected elegance: Marbul suspension

For the first time, Marbul now offers a beautifully simple ambient lighting option. Marbul suspension comes with a choice of a fixed or adjustable sphere on a long, thin cable. Dangling pendulously at unequal heights, the spheres exude a lightness of being that is as unaffected as it is elegant. The adjustable version, which can be rotated around 360°, also features a small cap that can incline the sphere to an almost 45° range — perfect for directing a halo of light on the gold kintsugi repair on your cracked ceramic vase.


Organic energy: Marbul recessed

If it’s organic energy you’re after, the new Marbul recessed is your answer. From a thin trim of just 4mm, the luminaire appears to pop out from your ceiling or wall in an almost bud-like or mushroom-like way. It’s as if the spheres are infused with an animated life force, especially when set in irregular groupings. The recessed model also rotates 360° and tilts to almost 45°, so you can create a real sense of natural randomness. Go wild with dozens to create a statement ceiling, or keep it simple with a few solo placements to rupture the regularity of a raw cement wall. Dream big: the conbox and gypkit installation accessories can make any vision a reality in concrete — with absolute ease!


Asymmetric aesthetic: Marbul 3xLED

Asymmetry and styling in odd numbers are at the heart of the wabi-sabi trend. And that makes the new Marbul 3xLED love at first light. As with the original Marbul models, each sphere can be twisted individually — rotated 360° or inclined to almost 45° — so you can create more off-kilter ambiance by directing light at different angles. Think sunlight diffracting through the branches of trees. Only this way, you’ll be keeping your clean-lined cool, as the Marbul range’s sophisticated coverplate keeps all screws and wires neatly out of sight. Thanks to the streamlined gearhouse, the three spheres also seem to float against the ceiling, giving a natural look without going soft around the edges.


Marbul: the ultimate wabi-sabi decoration

Bonus factoid: if you trace the origins of the term wabi-sabi, you’ll discover that ‘sabi’ derived from an idea of shadowy, subdued quietness. So it naturally follows that muted, intimate lighting is viewed as one of the most desirable wabi-sabi decorations. With its moonlike spherical shape, gentle rotatable focus, and spirit of asymmetry, Marbul is all set to help you embrace the wabi-sabi trend — while staying one step ahead, with a unique, clean-lined minimalist twist.