Are your lighting choices limited by the technical and spatial constraints of a space? A sloped ceiling with impossible angles. The charming old house with limited electrical points. An impressive space demanding a matching lighting grandeur… Something practical, multi-functional, magical. You have a challenge on your hands.

All these spaces have something in common: your creativity. Let Kompas Round, Pista Track 48V and Modupoint Round/Square inspire you with flexible lighting solutions. The balance between usability, existing technical limitations and appealing visuals will quickly find its way to you.

Modupoint, spots in impossible places

A system for installing jack spots and miniaturised designs in impossible places. Our Modupoint family offers recessed and surface-mounted jack spots with an integrated driver option, or the possibility of installing a driver remotely. Round or square, Modupoint is a sleek facilitator inviting your creativity to play with Minude, Marbulito and Médard in renovation projects, concrete ceilings, and just about anywhere.


Discover Modupoint Round and Square