Benefits of track lighting

Open your world to versatility

Track lighting is a dynamic lighting solution that combines versatility with form and function. Its flexible nature, along with an array of design options, empowers interior designers to create a tailored lighting design that perfectly suits any interior concept and style.


Also, by using a single electrical connection, it makes it easy to bring light just where you need it, regardless of pre-existing limitations. Whether you're seeking general lighting or aiming to accentuate architectural features, track lighting is your go-to option to transform your space into a work of art.


48V Track System

Combine minimalism, creative freedom and seemless integration with other 48V systems with our low voltage track lighting system. Perfectly fitting any interior and with great choice of lighting fixtures for both general and accent lighting, Pista Track 48V has plenty to offer.  Illuminate your space with sophistication while enjoying the perfect balance between form and function.

230V Track System

A 230V track system is the preferred choice in situations where lighting needs may evolve over time or when brighter and focused illumination is necessary across larger spaces. Typically found in commercial settings with demanding lighting requirements, this system can also be a suitable option for larger residential spaces - assuming that a 230V electrical infrastructure is already in place.

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