What is linear lighting?

Linear lighting refers to a specific type of lighting where long and slender light fixtures or LED strips are traditionally used to create linear continuous lighting. Nowadays, these elongated light fixtures are often combined with a variety of spotlight options serving both general and accent lighting purposes. In fact, the terms linear lighting and profile lighting can be used interchangeably, as they essentially refer to the same thing. They are configurable made-to-measure lighting solutions that rely on a profile to ensure a precise fit for a particular space or application. 

When it comes to track lighting, we refer to a particular type of linear lighting that offers the freedom to adjust lighting fixtures even after installation. Unlike fixed linear lighting systems like profile systems, track lighting provides the flexibility to reposition modules easily on the track rail. This allows for convenient reconfiguration and adaptability within the original lighting setup. 

Track lighting

MInimal 48v or powerful 230V. Choosing is losing.

Both 48V and 230V track systems offer unique benefits for interior design projects. The 48V system provides greater safety, miniaturisation and mounting options, making it ideal in smaller spaces where you need more flexibility and creativity. The 230V system, with its higher voltage, offers powerful lighting capabilities, perfect for illuminating larger spaces effectively.


Profile systems

Made-to-measure. Made with love.

Profile systems are made-to-measure lighting solutions used to fit specific spaces, seamlessly integrated in the architecture. Today's profile systems offer greater versatility, the freedom to combine linear lighting fixtures and spotlight as well as attractive colour, finishes and creative configurations for more tailored and aesthetically pleasing lighting designs.


Benefits and uses of linear lighting

Linear lighting offers important benefits for interior projects. It allows for creative applications such as stunning wall-to-ceiling installations, combining accent and general lighting within a single profile. By using both direct and indirect lighting effects, designers can effortlessly create different moods and experiences. Additionally, the possibility of choosing different colour finishes adds an extra layer of visual impact to the space, making it truly dynamic and engaging. Overall, linear lighting is a comprehensive solution for all your interior lighting needs.

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Creative linear configurations

Unlocking plenty of versatility, linear lighting offers multiple mounting options and configurations. With options like 90-degree angles, curved connections, suspended profiles and trimless installations, you can explore creative configurations, allowing linear lighting to adapt seemlessly to various spatial layouts. This enables you to achieve tailored lighting designs that perfectly complement the aesthetic and functionality of your interior concept.

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