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Architectural recessed ceiling lighting

Modular is bringing you fresh love of light. You, who appreciates minimalistic architectural lighting with a bit of stylish extra. Let yourself be seduced by architectural recessed ceiling lighting which is a part of ceiling lighting and get to know two of our excited product families.


Deep-recessed LED light Thimble: Discreet, curvy & colourful

Wearing nothing but bare essentials, pure sophistication and a bit of pleasure within, Thimble isn’t just a pretty fixture. Whether it’s with a trim or trimless application, expect a high-quality lens underneath that curvy shape and a cleverly designed deep-recessed LED light.

Tasteful applications and helpful accessories make Thimble incredibly versatile. Its leaf-spring installation makes it fit almost anywhere. A reinforcing conbox for new or renovation projects, with plastered or exposed concrete ceilings. A recessed ring for a completely trimless edge. And, to add a bit of flavour to discreet expressions and enhance the atmosphere, Thimble’s long list of rich colours says: mais oui.


Individual personalities, shared qualities

Every recessed ceiling light from Modular Lighting Instruments define themselves with their own individuality and yet, are united in more ways than one. Let your imagination flow with the use of colour. Use the soft, warm glow emanating from sophisticated, anodized colours and a mysterious deep-set light source to add a bit of drama and expression to any high-end residential and hospitality setting.

Thimble Recessed lens technology is another impressive common trait. The durable, high-quality glass lens will stay white and radiant over time and translate the cutting-edge LED light with due diligence. A state-of-the-art optical system that guards the lens from dust and harmful substances.

So, sophisticate your lighting plans with recessed ceiling lighting. Its presence may be reserved, but Thimble’s light says everything. 


Stylish lighting solution with recessed ceiling lighting

Recessed ceiling lighting is a type of recessed lighting and is a popular choice for interior architects and lighting designers due to their versatility, energy efficiency and sleek design. By being integrated into the ceiling, they offer a subtle lighting solution that can be used to illuminate different rooms. Whether you're looking to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in a living room, highlight artwork in a bedroom or provide functional lighting in an office, recessed ceiling luminaires are speaking for themselves.


Benefits of recessed ceiling lighting

Recessed ceiling lights are an energy-efficient lighting solution that provide the right amount of illumination for the desired effect. They are allowing to lighten large environments with just a few fixtures, which will reduce the need for multiple lights and minimize energy consumption. Additionally, the minimalistic design of recessed ceiling lights allows them to blend into the ceiling, creating a minimalistic and contemporary look that says everything.


The importance of lighting shape in recessed ceiling designs

As an interior architect, you understand the importance of lighting in creating the desired atmosphere and functionality in a space. Recessed ceiling lights offer a versatile and sleek solution that can be used to achieve a range of lighting effects. By experimenting with different shapes, colours and placement, you can create a visually appealing and functional lighting design.

Recessed ceiling lights come in a variety of shapes, including square lighting or round lighting. By strategically placing these lights in a specific pattern, you can create an eye-catching design that adds depth and interest to a room. Additionally, the use of recessed ceiling lights can provide the environment a modern, clean and minimalistic look.


Creating the perfect ambiance with recessed ceiling light

In addition to shape, recessed ceiling lights come in a range of colour temperatures integrated with smart lighting. With warm dimming options, you can control the level of light in a space and create the perfect mood.

Our range of architectural recessed ceiling lights are available in a variety of colours, allowing you to choose the perfect hue to suit the mood or ambiance of a room. The options available in our anodized colour range are creating a specific mood and ambiance in a room.


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