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Architectural Recessed lighting fixtures solutions

Recessed lighting fixtures are a popular choice for interior architects and lighting designers as they provide a sleek and modern lighting solution into your interior project. These light solutions can provide functional and aesthetic performances throughout different areas such as living roomskitchen or even hospitality lighting.


Standalone Recessed luminaires create maximum flexibility in your lighting design

One of the main advantages of recessed lighting fixtures is that they allow for maximum flexibility in terms of lighting design. They can be installed in a variety of different configurations, from simple rows to complex patterns, making it easy to create the desired look and feel in any space. Additionally, these fixtures can be dimmed, allowing for greater control over the amount of light in a room and the ability to create mood lighting. Some of our recessed fixtures provides a warm dim option were recessed fittings are giving that magical soft glow and a warmer feeling with led recessed fixture lighting.

The addition of Warm Dim with these product families gives designers more opportunities to mix and match different luminaires and products within the same lighting plan - while maintaining a consistent light quality. And that’s exactly what we at Modular wish to achieve: to offer as many creative options as possible, so that designers have every freedom to work their magic with our products.

Standalone recessed luminaires offer a long-lasting and energy-efficient solution to your building, helping to reduce the impact on the environment.


Let our recessed fixtures luminaires speak for themselves

Standalone recessed fixtures are sophisticated choice for high-end residential or hospitality settings. Many standalone Modular designs have asymmetrical, deep-recessed design and seemingly floating sphere add to its playfulness, and invite you to create all kinds of artistic patterns and configurations.

Recessed lighting fixtures offer a stylish and practical lighting solution for interior architects and lighting designers. With their versatility, flexibility, and energy efficiency, they are a great choice for any space, large or small. Whether you are looking to create a moody atmosphere or a bright and functional space, recessed lighting fixtures can help you achieve your desired look.


The role of recessed lighting shapes in a lighting design

Architectural recessed lights are a popular choice in interior design, providing a sleek, timeless and streamlined look while providing functional lighting in your room. One of the key considerations when choosing recessed lighting fixtures is the shape of the fixture. Two popular options are round recessed lighting and square recessed lighting.

When choosing between round and square recessed lighting fixtures, it's important to consider the design aesthetic of the space and the lighting needs. Round fixtures are often preferred for their soft and inviting glow, while square fixtures are ideal for creating a more contemporary and modern look. Additionally, the size of the room and the desired lighting intensity should also be taken into account when selecting a fixture shape.


Highlighting interior designs with Linear Recessed Lighting

Recessed linear types of lighting are increasingly popular in modern interior design. These fixtures are designed to create a sleek and unobtrusive lighting solution.

Linear recessed lighting fixtures are ideal for highlighting specific areas, such as artwork, a hallway, or a kitchen island. These linear lights are designed to create a long and narrow beam of light, which is perfect for directing light where it is needed most. Recessed profile lighting can be used to create a variety of effects over a specific area and are often used in a minimalist interior design, where simple and clean aesthetic is desired.


Magnetic recessed track rail with a thin and slim design

Pista is our 48V magnetic track system. It is a modular system, offering a myriad of configurations including linear LED modules as well as spotlight fixtures. The recessed track lighting comes in black or white structure.

The perfect balance between general and accent lighting, the possibility of adjusting colour temperature and intensity for specific moods and functions, magnetic modules that can be moved around according to changing requirements.

Our minimalistic track lighting Pista 48V system offers the best of all worlds and throws in a generous amount of style.


The versatility of recessed luminaires in interior lighting design

Recessed luminaires can be used in various applications, such as wall and ceiling lighting. Recessed wall lighting is perfect for creating an ambient glow and highlighting artwork or architectural features. Semi-recessed wall lighting fixtures offer a combination of direct and indirect lighting, making them ideal for highlighting specific areas while also providing overall illumination. Recessed ceiling lighting is excellent for adding a modern and sleek look to any room. Semi-recessed ceiling lighting fixtures are designed to be partially recessed into the ceiling, providing both direct and indirect lighting.


 Choosing the right recessed luminaire for your project

As an interior professional you have different recessed light options in our product family range to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space. Adjustable recessed lights are perfect for highlighting specific areas or objects, as they can be directed to point at a particular area. Recessed downlighting fixtures are designed to provide direct lighting from above, making them an excellent choice for task lighting. Recessed uplighting fixtures are ideal for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere by directing light towards the ceiling. Indoor recessed lighting fixtures are designed to be used in interior spaces, while outdoor recessed lighting fixtures are weatherproof and can be used in exterior spaces.

Overall, recessed lighting fixtures provide a stylish and practical solution for interior architects and lighting designers, allowing for maximum flexibility in lighting design while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any space.