You don’t have to re-invent something that’s good. Just reinstate it. A product that was the source of inspiration for our company’s name, Modupoint is exactly that. Astrid De Couvreur
Product Manager, Modular Lighting Instruments

The Modupoint system explained

(2) Follow with a choice of miniature designs

Once you choose your Modupoint Round or Modupoint Square, it’s up to you to choose from a party of miniature jack spots. Start playing and mixing to get your selection just right. Marbulito, Medard, Minude or Gamin against the wall or ceiling will offer a dramatic flair, while the suspended jack variants will create a more private area.

Walls, ceilings and….furniture?

Modupoint Round Panel Mount Recessed helps you create a uniform look & feel by using the same spots on walls, ceilings, and now in furniture. Made to fit in wood, stone, and many other materials, as long as you can reach the backside of the surface. Take this moment to unleash your creativity with stylish lights in a beautiful display cabinet, a cosy niche or a dressing room.