At home you might want to have a certain kind of mood in the living room, you want to highlight certain pieces of art or pictures hanging on the wall, whereas in the hallway you’ll need bright and functional lighting. All this information is incorporated in a lighting plan.


Modular’s advice on lighting

We are well known for our technically advanced architectural lighting instruments that are always designed with some kind of sparkling simplicity, real eye catchers or simple fixtures that are to be incorporated into the architecture. Our lighting products are stylish and fit in every interior lighting plan.

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Example of a lighting plan 

This lighting plan project concerns two attached properties which have a lot of height differences and are connected through a passageway. By using slick fixtures with warm LED lights, we’ve created a nice contrast in these historical mansions. It was pointed out to us that depth should be accentuated in this project, so that’s what we’ve done. If you look inside the property from the outside, you will even be able to see the rear areas, like the other building’s hallway. Though we’ve used four different kinds of fixtures, we still managed to create unity. We achieved this by continuously repeating the fixtures. Médard, for instance, sets the right mood in the front of the building and lights up the colours and materials of the display cabinet. Rektor, on the other hand, is used as a ceiling- and wallfixture, while Multiple creates nice light wash effect through the passageway to the other building. In short: the whole building is made completely visible.”