Profile lighting is opening new doors with irresistible bonuses and we’re loving it. These graceful luminaires – long thought to be confined to office territory – can really shake up tradition in high-end living spaces and hospitality environments. Why? Think combinations of accent and linear lighting, anodised aluminium, rich colours, and warm colour temperatures. Think complete unique expressions just as you imagine them.

You actually do need to imagine our profiles first, as they don’t come ready-made. Yep, you read right. Every profile is custom-made. For designers looking to light things different in cosier spaces, the profile is entirely yours to compose.


Accent, linear or both?

There’s no need to choose, designers can have it all. Imagine a continuous string of light coming from SLD50 suggesting direction, its cover diffusing purposeful downlight. Picture enlarging a cosy space by adding uplight. Or the opposite. Think of a groove of SLD50 disclosing nothing but small, yet decisive Eyeball lights placed at strategic intervals.

Alternatively, visualize a line of SLD50 Naked dotted with Eyeball, in a contemporary kitchen area; the absence of its cover exposing the thin simplicity of the LED tube. Dig further towards rectangular shapes, with bars of light and focussed lights for residences and small boutiques, with MP78 and Rektor. All this translates into functional general lighting accompanied by attractive and adjustable accent lighting, into one profile.

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Playing with spatial perception

An environment calling for a minimalist style will be the perfect setting for the essential design of SL Nano or SL Micro profiles. Use their clean, slender lines to add depth or create architectural accents. Use light lines by positioning them selectively along ceilings or surfaces or by complementing patterns on walls.

Furthermore, linear isn’t just single lines. Think of converting lines into paths and shapes with 90º connectors. Play with heights and dimensions, with wall-to-ceiling configurations. For models such as SLD50 or SLD75 an optional wall bracket enables the luminaire to be mounted on the wall and radiate indirect downlight and uplight. This creates a lifting effect and gives the feeling of a larger space.

To add interactivity to the experience, lights can be controlled more precisely and cater to specific needs. Installation of lights on separate circuits, warm colour temperature of 2700K with CRI90+ rating and the right dimming solution will make sure of that. This extends all light control into the hands of users so they can create a special atmosphere.


Customization to any length

Modular profiles’ customizability not only makes them perfect for new projects, but also for renovation or refurbishing projects, where electrical points are often limited and already established. Designers can completely tailor Modular profiles: length of unit(s), location of general and accent lighting, separately controlled warm dimming systems, colour temperatures and profile colours. White or black structure, anodized aluminium, bare or in tones of gold and champagne. Installation type can be surface-mounted, recessed with trim or trimless edge, or a suspended lighting solution. The profile really is yours.


The benefits of profile lighting design in interior architecture

Profile lighting design is an effective way to highlight the unique features of a room's architecture and decor. There are two main types: profile ceiling lighting and profile wall lighting. Ceiling fixtures can create a warm, diffused glow and highlight coffered ceilings or backlit panels. Wall fixtures can highlight artwork or decorative features, adding depth and dimension to the space. When designing profile lighting, consider the room's aesthetic and function to create a beautiful and functional lighting design.


Visit our Modular profile collection and let yourself be inspired by endless possibilities in combining accent and general lighting, technology, design, colours, functionality and more.