Trees are slowly turning into their fascinating, rich shades of feuille morte, red, russet, gold and yellow. Winter may be coming, but autumn is alive with songs of fire. We, at Modular Lighting Instruments, gaze at these colours with positive passion. Their seductive shades are the perfect invitation to bring the warmth of autumn inside.

Recreating the colourful accents, warm mood and feeling that come with autumn's fiery tones, is what Semih 61 and Marbul can do for you this season. Nights grow longer and daylight becomes increasingly precious. We want to inspire designers to turn the sombre skies outside into cosy light inside. Colourful, easy-to-use accessories and warm dim solutions, we have just the thing.


Flood your space with earthy tones

To highlight autumn's highlights, designers can harvest the benefits of Semih 61 and Marbul, with their interchangeable click-on magnetic reflectors. Enhance the richness of natural colours and create mood-setting accents in your environment with a simple click.

Watch your expression transform from an aluminium colour to champagne or gold. Give them all a try with Semih 61 and its reflector variant, Marbul's surface-mounted and recessed applications, or if you haven't already, with Marbul suspended.

Can you visualize these celestial luminaires glowing with flame-like quality? Easy peasy. Designers can truly experiment with highlighting special objects or areas with a warmer glow.

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Dimming following rhythm

Our bodies rely on natural light to guide us in our daily activities. A high, bright sun guides us towards energetic endeavors, whereas a lower, golden sun eases us into a calmer, more relaxing mood.

Warm dim could easily be considered the indoor equivalent of that sun-setting moment, when a yellowish light gently raps at the door. Dim the lights to adapt the colour temperature. The lower the light intensity, the warmer the colour, making a subtle but significant adjustment to the ambience of your space.

Perfect for residential and hospitality expressions, warm dim is available for Marbul surface GI 1x, Marbul recessed, Marbul suspension, and Semih 61. Let your light plan inspire a warm, cozy atmosphere, with warm dim.

Get filled with passion this autumn. Take in the gorgeous seasonal tones and bring them inside your space.

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