4 pillars of visual comfort

The appropriate amount of light is relevant to the function of a space. In expressing the perfect lighting solution, understanding illuminance, luminance, uniformity and glare is imperative. In a nutshell, level of light, light intensity on the immediate work area, and surrounding surfaces, contrast, reflections, negative effect of too much light. All influence how people perceive light and ultimately, how they feel.

Increasing well-being in the workplace

Smart office lighting design makes people feel at ease and more relaxed. When their stress level is lower, employees have the freedom and energy to be more productive, and this leads to an increased self-satisfaction. This light-chain-reaction culminates in a strong sense of individual identity, which in turns connects to a greater, collective sense of company identity. A happier business.

Discover our office profile collections (Drupl, SLD50, SLD75), with a Unified Glare Rating (UGR) value of <19, meeting European office standards for the use of luminaires in offices.

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Smart office lighting at the reception desk

Saving on energy and reducing costs

Energy savings begin with high light quality. Our luminaires are equipped with very efficient LEDs –with or without lens­­­– thus, a long lifetime and very low maintenance costs. Additionally, our fully customisable office-compliant profiles have super-efficient lens technology as part of their composition. With our most popular office profile Drupl for example, designers can go for a more expressive design using lenses, without increasing energy costs. Alternatively, lens tech can also be used in a more subtle way, hidden behind a prismatic polycarbonate diffuser for a different light effect, as we do with SLD50 and SLD75.

Companies can further reduce costs by adopting sensor technology. Motion sensors, daylight sensors, and infrared sensors for remote control, as well as a broad range of dimming solutions, can be custom-integrated in all our office profiles.

Office design with smart lighting technology

Design the right mood

Create moods and styles for several types of working spaces. We offer different colour temperatures for each profile. A colour temperature of 2700K for a relaxed space such as a lounge or reception area, 3000K/4000K for working areas. Combine accent and general lighting with SLD50 with Eyeball, to play with depth and delimitate task-oriented spaces. Or explore further with up-light or downlight. Designers can also install profiles on different circuits to enable separate parts to switch on and off, thus giving more control to people to light a space and adjust the mood as per their specific needs.

Next to the light itself, the design of the profile plays a role in the look & feel of the space. Drupl’s raindrop design for example, will bring nature and freshness indoors. Finally, the finish of the profile can greatly contribute to creating the right atmosphere. Imagine golden finish covers on our Drupl profile or the champagne anodized finish for SLD50. Warm aesthetics and no compromise on visual comfort.

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