1. Smoothly control the lights

Need to unwind after a long day at work? Snuggle up on the sofa with a hot cup of tea or a glass of wine. Then dim the lights with the remote control or your smart device to create a cozy, relaxing atmosphere. Off to bed after some hours of relaxing? Switch off all the lights at once. If you’ve installed a Philips Hue motion sensor, it will even automatically switch off your lights as you leave the room. A similar device in your bedroom will turn on the light there as soon as it senses movement. Philips Hue makes it easy to group all the Modular luminaires in the house – from the bedroom to the kitchen – and control them together instantly.


2. Create the right ambiance

A pleasant dinner with friends, a relaxing bath or the absolute need to finish the work you brought home from the office? Different tasks and occasions mean different moods and, therefore, different lighting. Modular connected lighting lets you create scenes that automatically adjust the brightness/intensity of your Modular luminaires. The result? More than creating the right ambiance and mood, this option also impacts the health and wellbeing of everyone in the house.


3. Activate light routines

Wake up more energized in the morning, as the lights in your bedroom gently increase in brightness before you have to rise. Feel welcomed back home in the evening, as the lights are already on. Activate lights in the corridor at night, so the kids can see when they have to go to the bathroom. Or have your lights dim down to soothe you to sleep. Philips Hue lets users create the most diverse light schedules to support their daily routines. In this way, it enhances biological comfort and safety.


4. Manage your light anywhere any time

Modular connected lighting gives complete peace of mind and keeps you safe. Want to be sure that all your lights are switched off when you leave the house or turned on automatically when you get home? Let the ‘home or away’ mode take care of that. Or, better still, ‘Geofencing’ technology can do it for you, without you touching a button. Philips Hue even lets you control your lights from anywhere on the globe, through the Philips Hue portal. So that you can simulate your presence, for example, and consequently, discourage uninvited visitors.


5. Go all-connected

Controlling the lights and creating lighting schedules or ambiances is just the beginning. Thanks to the huge Friends of Hue ecosystem, Modular luminaires communicate seamlessly with an ever-growing family of devices, sensors and apps. Controlling lights via voice, turning on the lights when the window blinds go down or when you open the front door, syncing the lights with music, TV or games – the possibilities seem endless and are growing day by day.

Connected lighting in your kitchen

What is connected lighting?

Connected lighting is a whole new way of controlling and experiencing light. It allows users to easily switch their lights on and off with just one tap or swipe, even remotely, or to activate light routines. It lets them create a particular atmosphere to fit their mod, the occasion or the task at hand. More than that, it opens the door to smart home automation, combining lighting with thermostats, blinds, sound systems and much more, much more.


Where can you enjoy connected lighting?

Connected lighting allows you to control and experience light in a whole new way. It’s great for homes. But just as easy and comfortable in small and medium-sized office environments, in restaurants or hotel lobbies or in smaller shops and boutiques.


Why you will love connected luminaires

There’s a wide range of smart light systems on the market. What is it that Makes Modular’s connected luminaires so special?

Connected lighting powered by Hue & Casambi

A simple click, touch, swipe, sound, or even physical presence, is all it takes to control light in a space and adapt it to an activity or to create mood. With the use of smart devices, bring safety and comfort to a space, and let there be light.

Our smart lighting partners

Light control, with one single touchpoint

Turning lights on/off, or dimming them. Adjusting intensity, setting up light routines and in/out modes with an easy setup and features. Using remote control from anywhere, anytime. Yes to all.

Enhance your client’s experience with advanced lighting technology so they can manage their environment easily using an app, switches and sensors. Connected lighting gives your clients full control of light so they can enjoy peace of mind and the perfect ambience.


We connect with Hue & Casambi

No need to look further for who can help you with which. Modular Lighting Instruments is your lighting partner in projects that incorporate Hue and Casambi combined, or separately.

Connected lighting with suspended placebo lighting

Choosing a connected technology

What do you have in mind? Here are a few tips to help you decide what you need.


1. Creating a smart room 

Your project is a room with installed luminaires (with GU10 or E27 sockets) without the possibility to change wiring in order to dim your lights. Hue offers connected-ready bulbs, compatible with Bluetooth and Wifi, which you can simply screw in existing luminaires. Just install the app - and create a connection with Hue Bridge if you want to connect via Wifi -  and voila. Many of our loved residential luminaires such as Smart, Lotis, Nomad, Duell, and our latest, Tulip, can be retrofitted to incorporate smart lighting.


2. Wanting more than just light

You’re looking to integrate wireless control of lighting in a space, but also want to include more in your wireless system. Hue offers an entire ecosystem. In addition to wireless lighting control, voice, thermostats, blinds and sound control will make your Hue experience even more complete.


3. Working with LED luminaires already connected to LED drivers

You want to upgrade a home with the power of connected lighting. Install a Tre, 1-10V or Dali dim module, between the 230V power network and the LED driver and control connected lights with the Casambi app. In case a 1-10V driver is already being used, you can also opt to add a Hue Bridge and a Hue 1-10V dim circuit module to control all lights with the Hue app.


4. Working on a larger, multi-brand project

Renovation work is already completed, LED luminaires and 1-10V/Dali/Tre LED gears of different brands have already been installed. Now you want to add smart lighting. Thanks to its compatibility with other brands, all you need to do is choose the suitable Casambi dim module (1-10V/Dali/Tre dim), and download the Casambi app. Connected!


5. Looking to add a 48V track

Our 48V Pista system is ready for Casambi. Linear lighting and spots all in one. Just 3 wires per track system and the Casambi 48V track dim module. In combination with Dali fixtures, this allows you to dim all fixtures together or separately. Choose accent lights such as Minude, Marbulito, Médard and Smart tubed, or linear modules to provide your clients with ultimate control of lighting. Lights can easily be adjusted to only use Pista’s uplight by night, making a warm dim, cozy ambience even in large spaces.