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Trends in interior design and architecture come and go. When electricity first made its debut into our living rooms, it was a spectacular novelty. Those fortunate (and eccentric) ones who enjoyed the wonders of electric lighting, wanted to boast their then futuristic gadgets by showing them off as much as possible. Everything, huge luminaires as well as intricated wires, was put on display for all to see.


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Trimless square spot lights in a cosy living room

Shrink it real good

Lighting is now an essential part of any modern home. And while technology keeps developing at an ever more rapid pace, the resulting products turn out to be smaller and smaller. And the new technology makes it possible to have more discreet designs, which are equally efficient. A smaller luminaire is less intrusive, but more minimalistic and elegant. Therefore, we don’t boast the size of our lighting anymore, but we try to hide the evidence of technology away as much as possible. When it fits the space, the smaller the design, the better. Without sacrificing function and quality of light of course.


Modular’s miniature superstars

Both design and technology are central pillars for Modular. That’s why we’ve introduced some downsized designs to our minimalist track lighting product range. Take our Pista family for example. The entire track system is meant to be as slim and thin as technologically possible. The Pista tracks can be spiced up with a miniaturized version of the Medard spot or our stylish Marbulito. Two examples of tiny spot lights that still packs some punch.

Besides Pista, we’ve got some other miniature light fixtures in our collection. The Medard 42 for instance is an absolute beauty in its own right. That’s why we’re also launching it as a standalone feature, apart from featuring on the Pista track system. Next comes our award-winning Qbini and and Qbini Trimless: small, versatile and extremely stylish downlighters, who stand out because of their subtle looks. Crazy as it may sound. The same can be said for the Smart 48. The smallest member of the Smart family is just as innovative and versatile as its big brothers, but has a more elegant and discreet look.


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Minimalist track lighting combined with trimless square spot light in a modern kitchen