Private residence, Amsterdam, The Netherlands | Architect: Lotte Faassen, Studio de Blieck | Photographer: Muk van Lil
Mah Hotel, Brussels, Belgium | Photographer: Jim Van Loo

Bigger size, more presence

Medard 70 is a solid eye-catcher as a track spot for our 230V tracks. And of equal diameter, Medard ceiling beautifies spaces as a surface-mounted and recessed luminaire.

More lights, more spaces

Medard opens itself up to welcome more light. Medard Stretched comes in two adjustable tube lenghts: 300 mm and 500 mm and can support up to two light units. What’s the opposite of streched? Medard’s distinctive and charming rounded edge is all you see with Medard Recessed (⌀42 and ⌀70). The matte black inner ring, the same in all variants, combats glare and promotes a homogenous look.

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