Diversity is all around us. No two people who wander this earth are exactly the same. We all have different talents and dreams, and most importantly: our own path to follow. At Modular Lighting Instruments, we like to take this individuality to the next level. We believe in difference. Different creative minds behind the scenes who combine their magic to create out-of-the-box luminaires, and different customers, with different spaces to design and different needs and desires. The best example of our quest for individual expression might be our Qbini square led spot light. Its one-of-a-kind design allows every architect or consumer to create fresh iterations through new combinations of frames, shapes, colors and accessories. But why not just take it one step further?


Behind the ceiling with square recessed lighting

At just 44mm x 44mm, Qbini is the smallest miniature square recessed spot in the Modular family. But behind the scenes — or in this case, behind the ceiling — a lot of big thinking went into creating the world’s first plug-and-play, no screws required recessed spot. Modular engineer Lukas Weyhaeghe tells us how he came to design the groundbreaking functionality behind Qbini’s perfect cube form.


Cube black lighting in a modern bathroom

Qbini: architectural square lighting with a signature

As a designer, Florent seeks the purest, most unalloyed distillation of an object: “When I create something, I want to avoid complexity. Every new aspect that I add to a design is carefully calculated to enhance its functionality. I strive to express the essential essence of an object that speaks to each of us. Qbini is the result of these goals in action.”