Our company culture

As part of our company culture, at Modular Lighting Instruments we encourage employees to share and nurture the family feeling. We work with open doors, with no real hierarchies and we encourage sharing ideas where no topic is considered taboo. We respect and trust our employees’ work, knowing that everyone is doing their best to deliver products and services with the highest standards of quality. We enjoy the benefits of a multi-cultural and gender-equal company culture to enrich our common goals. We appreciate that everyone is unique, also in their way of functioning and contributing to our business. That is why we make sure that their needs are heard.


Keeping good mental health and a healthy balance

We know how hard it is sometimes to balance work and family life. And we appreciate that people can (and will) go through difficult moments in their life. That is why we have established more informal as well as structural support to help employees who struggle with mental health or simply are looking to find a healthy balance. No one should go through such difficulties unnoticed or unsupported.

Recently, we have introduced an Employee Assistance Programme in collaboration with an external partner to provide expert support to the ones in need. We have also trained managers and colleagues to discuss mental health and personal issues with employees to give everyone a chance to talk about their struggles at work or privately at home. Twice a year, a major performance talk is carried out by all managers with their team members, stressing the importance of how they feel as part of their team or more widely within our company.

Flexible working hours

Since 2014, we have successfully integrated flexible working hours in our work schedule. This promotes a healthier balance between home and work, a greater sense of empowerment for our employees and stress reduction to meet family and personal needs. Since 2021 this is also introduced for our blue-collar workers.


Working-from-home policy

In 2018, we changed our policy to give our employees the opportunity to work from home. This precedes the current working-from-home trend accelerated by the COVID-19 outbreak, which has become the new norm in so many companies around the world. This sudden requirement has not found us unprepared thanks to the use of already established technologies for remote working, for example, videoconferencing, chats, cloud-based files sharing solutions, etc.