What is surface-mounted lighting?

The type of lighting that is attached directly to the surface of ceilings or walls is known as surface-mounted lighting. This lighting remains visible, sitting externally on the chosen surface, unlike recessed lighting that is embedded into a surface. 

Surface-mounted lighting has a distinct style due to its prominent placement and the absence of recessed housing. Not only it is a breeze to install but it also brings a unique vibe to any room, whether you're going for a modern look or something a bit more classic. Both stylish and straightforward, surface-mounted fixtures are a game-changer for your interior's lighting design.


Why choose to mount a lighting fixtures directly on a surface

Surface-mounted lighting is a popular choice among interior architects for its practicality, because this often practical choice also offers a lot of versatility. Whether you're lighting a hallway, living room, or office, surface-mounted lighting provides a practical and stylish solution.

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Square shapes in lighting design

Simplicity of lines

Square shapes are so loved because of their simplicity and versatility. Their clean lines create a sense of balance and order, making them aesthetically pleasing. Gifted with subtlety, this geometric darling easily fits in many settings, while providing ample possibilities for playfulness.

Round shapes in lighting design

Timeless curves

Round shapes are pure, everyone understands them and most importantly, they fit in all interiors. Add to this, a variety of finishes and colours and the job is done. This is the magic touch you need to create a minimalistic, elegant and personal lighting expression for your project.

Driver included or excluded?

When it comes to surface-mounted lighting, it's important to note that fixtures can be either driver included or driver excluded. The driver is an electronic component that regulates the power to the LED light source. The decision to choose driver included or driver excluded fixtures will depend on the specific needs of the space.

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