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Dim to warm led

The Warm Dim technology enables users to change the colour temperature of a luminaire (1800K-3000K) as you increase or decrease its light intensity. Warm Dim creates with LED the same ambiance of a halogen lamp so that the neutral light tones become more yellowish when the light is dimmed down. In such a way that immediately sets the right tone for more cosiness and intimacy. The result is an impeccable and flicker-free dimming with matching high CRI values and a full range of beam angles and LED gears.


Warm dim recessed lighting

Many recessed ceiling lights supports warm dim technology. Create an ambiant room with the help of Warm dim led lights. One of our dim to warm recessed lighting family is Smart. The 3 original designs, Smart Kup, Lotis and Cake still manage to steal the hearts of interior designers. Mix and match accent lighting, up and downlight, fixed or adjustable, a mosaic of shapes, sizes, colors and mounting options, and create a playful installation together with warm dim technology.