Visual comfort

Visual comfort is how we perceive and react to light around us in a space. It can be evaluated by quantitative metrics that we use to measure the adequacy of lighting conditions in regard to a space and its functions. At MLI NA Corporation, when designing a lighting plan, we further examine the complementary qualitative metrics that help us understand how lighting benefits the humans who use it.


Human Centric Lighting

In simple terms, Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is lighting that imitates the natural daylight cycle inside a space, and helps them better follow a healthy sleep/wake cycle. HCL also helps to fulfil the WELL building standard requirements, a framework to advance and foster a culture of health and well-being in buildings and organizations.

While continuously exploring the broad possibilities of Human Centric Lighting, we have already delivered a few projects using HCL technology. Considering the growing importance of human health and well-being in areas such as building standards like WELL, the natural next step is to include HCL solutions in our standard product offering.

Human Centric lighting