Black Chrome

If ever there was a way to express minimalism with a luxurious touch, black chrome is it. Embracing our delicate, high-end design, the refined and shiny surface of black chrome lifts Minude to a new level of luxury. Bathe your project in a new industrial vibe with a combination of Minude black chrome and Chival Wall in the same glossy robe. 

Your Minude story

Minude carries your lighting story from room to room. From residential to hospitality, to where your imagination leads. Follow this small cylinder, lighting intimate spaces in all directions. Or caressing the wall in all directions with its soft light. Endless creative combinations of refined aesthetics and beautiful accent lighting.

Match of colors

The brushed anodised colours of Minude further elevate its refined shape. A warm touch of bronze, silver bronze, champagne or black can easily be amplified when matching it with other designs like Placebo, Pista, or SLD25 and SLD35. In its white or black structure, Minude will make time stand still.

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