A light by design and engineering

Designers Florent Coirier and Stig Myler talk about how their ideas intertwined and how Geometry came to be. A pendant evoking weightlessness, Geometry combines shapes and contrasts, and a little bit of mystery. Read how it started and how it evolved with the expertise of Modular Lighting Instruments to its final design.

Stig Myler, a door between two worlds

An avid believer in how the quality of light has an impact on our well-being, Stig thought of a circular frame for Geometry. He got the idea that the LED panel would rotate in the frame and create different light effects. What makes Geometry so special for him is its expression of being dynamic, although it is simply floating in the air. He also loves that its light can divide a space in two parts, while leaving a door open between them.

Florent Coirier, a vocabulary of shapes

Florent’s contribution to the design demonstrates his love of the sky and stars, and of the stories they tell. He loves that the design is so light, it’s as if it disappears into space. For him, Geometry shows a balance between minimalism and the importance of the quality of light. At the same time, it experiments with the contrast of black and white, light being off and on.

Designed by Florent Coirier and Stig Myler