Thanks to the slender shape of Tetrix Tube, the Tetrix family gets a whole new elegant look. You can have all kinds of applications and still see the professionality of a coherent light design. Vincent Chanterie, Lead Development Engineer

Tetrix Tube Surface

5 spotlights, 4 optical accessories and a tube design take our game-inspired Tetrix family to a whole new level.  Slim and elegant, Tetrix Tube adds a stylish playfulness to the family, making it even more fun and multiplying its possibilities by a bunch.

Spot the choices

If you aren't familiar with your choices yet, why not revisit them? Tetrix Straight offers a classic, straightdown beam. Tetrix Oblique's deep-recessed light source minimises glare and Tetrix Cone's larger size offers a surprising reflection in its inner cup. Tetrix Pinhole's no-nonsense shoots down a narrow light beam and Tetrix Adjustable points the light anywhere.

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