As interior architects, you want to have every detail of your project defined to perfection. One thing will definitely be the nuanced choice of optical technology for each luminaire. There are so many. And why give preference to one over another, or choose one at all? 

Reflectors for soft light beams

Reflectors create beautiful beams of light, without the ultra-sharp contrast of lenses. They are ideal for creating soft accents and adding contrast. As the name suggests, they work by reflecting the rays of light emitted by the LED. The light beam produced by reflectors offers a heterogeneous light intensity. It has higher intensity in the middle and less around the edges. As part of the light is not directed by the reflector, there is always some scattered light outside the beam, making it slightly nuanced. Their finish and colour add to the effect created.

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Diffusers for visual comfort​

Diffusers work by covering the light source and preventing it from lighting a surface directly. Polycarbonate or PMMA are often used in profiles, but glass diffusers are being used more and more in stand-alone luminaires. Glass adds a design element that complements function and durability.