June 12, 2018

Qbini Blind Cover shakes things up

Diversity is all around us. No two people who wander this earth are exactly the same. We all have different talents and dreams, and most importantly: our own path to follow. At Modular Lighting Instruments, we like to take this individuality to the next level. We believe in difference. Different creative minds behind the scenes who combine their magic to create out-of-the-box luminaires, and different customers, with different spaces to design and different needs and desires. The best example of our quest for individual expression might be our Qbini spot. Its one-of-a-kind design allows every architect or consumer to create fresh iterations through new combinations of frames, shapes, colors and accessories. But why not just take it one step further?


Meet the newest Qbini family member: the Blind Cover

Sometimes, you just know that there’s something missing. With Qbini we’ve created a range of spots that answer to an endless amount of interior design questions. But still, there was an extra possibility to introduce even more diversity in the Qbini family. That possibility turned out to be the Blind Cover. It’s a plain cover, available in three colors (black, white or gold) that fits seamlessly in the Qbini fittings, whether it’s trim less or not, and both in a recessed or deep recessed position.


Cover it up

In the end of course, it’s simply a cover. But don’t be mistaken! It might not seem like much of a novelty, but it’s just as flexible as its Qbini brothers, which means that we’ve increased the already infinite number of possible design options. It could simply be an aesthetic choice to integrate the covers into the lighting plan of your space. The covers allow designers to play around with patterns and expression, without automatically using to much light. Or it might turn out to be the practical solution you’ve been looking for all along, when the luminaire or desired gear of your choice doesn’t match the hole or as an actual cover to integrate less visually pleasing sensors and signalization of e.g. emergency batteries.


Whatever your intentions might be; the Blind Cover has just upgraded the entire Qbini range. If you’re looking for a modular system that allows you every freedom to play around and build your personal lighting design, our seamless cover might just be the perfect fit you’ve been waiting for.