Ceiling lighting fixtures

All the ceiling light fixtures you’ll need.

Our endless range of applications for ceiling light fixtures is perfect for meeting the different lighting needs of office, retail, residential and hospitality. Not to mention the creative needs of the designer. Everything is possible in every imaginable combination: recessed, surface lighting, suspended or on tracks.

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Office lighting. Pleasing for the eyes.

The science of lighting has come a long way. For ceiling light fixtures in offices, compliancy is key. However, it’s not just about UGR, which we satisfy with our range of profiles. It’s also about creating a homely feeling in an office space. Ambience in a meeting room. Vaeder is our glare-free working light fixture which is perfect in the office environment and an office space at home.

Retail lighting. Brighter ideas.

Retail lighting isn’t just about lighting a store. It’s also about enhancing the shopping experience and highlighting products.  Modular offers lighting to set the mood as well as powerful lumen packages for brighter highlighting. Nothing puts products in the spotlight better than Kannon, the most powerful spotlight track lighting in our portfolio (5,000 lumens!) shoots out light beams in whichever direction you choose.

Alternatively, Spektra, our first track-spot with an adjustable zoom lens. You can easily adjust the beam angle (15-55°) to perfectly target the hero product.

Hospitable lighting.

Finding the right balance between function and design is the key for hospitality or luxury residential spaces. Our ceiling light fixtures help you make it your own. Dimming possibilities, different colour temperatures and more colour options. If you want to mix general and accent lighting, think Pista: thin and slim magnetic track rails that allow you to combine general and accent lighting with two first-to-market features: twin brackets and the night light units (pure design and soothing intimate lighting).

Ceiling light fixtures. GE or GI?

It’s important to think about the real situations an architect or designer has to work with.

A renovation project usually means limitations. GI (Gear Included) has been created with this in mind. GI means that the driver is included with the product, so that it can be placed directly on the ceiling where the wires are hanging from.

GE (Gears Excluded): this means the driver is excluded. This can be used where the driver can be placed anywhere (like a false ceiling). This is perfect for new-build projects with no limitations. The benefit: simple, tasteful minimalistic design.

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