April 26, 2018

Better lighting through water drops

Almost 80% of all information is taken in through our eyes. Light is not just essential for seeing, but also for our body clock and as a regulator for our bodies. It inspires, attracts, enables communication, sets a mood, and has emotional qualities. In other words, it’s not just about seeing what we are doing. When we are working we need light that helps us work better, not harder. That is the reasoning behind Drupl. LED glare free illumination. 

To shed more light on the Drupl design we talked to its maker, Jeffrey Huyghe, Product Designer at Modular Lighting Instruments.

Hundreds of ideas, only two hands

When Jeffrey Huyghe describes himself, he says: “I have hundreds of ideas, but only two hands.” Meaning he has to make some tough choices, which he makes even tougher. “Personally, I like to do the engineering as well as the idea. How the idea works and looks, internally and externally.” So, the big question, why Drupl?

 “The idea came from studying optical lenses. In my research, I found out that a water droplet is a highly efficient shape.” What seems like an idea from nature is in fact an idea from human engineering. The design is more efficient than other LED lighting because it doesn’t need a diffuser to spread light. As Jeffrey puts it: “The lens captures every bit of light and sends it out in beam angles."

The right angle

Beam angle? The fact is that every light source has a beam angle. From the highest tech LED to the simplest candle. For example, a standard light bulb has a beam of about 360 degrees. Which means that the light shining from it will surround the area but will not be very intense. Some types of lighting will have a narrower beam angle resulting in more intense lighting. Jeffrey Huyghe and Modular Lighting Instruments have almost every angle covered. “We have chosen 50 degrees, 80 degrees, 100 degrees, 120 degrees and 40x100° degrees. Depending on the height of your ceiling."

Practical and fashionable

Drupl is designed to care for your eyes, fulfilling EU office standard EN12464-1. It is also designed to please your eyes. “The base profile carries the technology, there are lots of visual options. Different finishes, colours, shapes and beam angles.” The new collection features two different colours . There is the seriously ultracool matt black look for the profile base and the aluminium and gold design for the finishing covers which Jeffrey Huyghe describes as “the residential look. It’s a bit more decorative."