November 7, 2017

SMART: the perfect blend of looks and versatility

Architects love to try out new ideas and novel concepts to highlight the beauty and appeal of the unique spaces they’re designing. “When it comes to lighting, however, they often struggle with the design and technological limits of luminaires,” says Daan Capello, Account Manager at Modular. “One or two appearances, colours, sizes or lumen outputs are not enough for them to design customised lighting plans. That’s why Modular has developed this broad range of downlighters – which are, after all, the foundation of almost every lighting project.” Meet SMART in this first in a series of six blog posts featuring Modular bestsellers

Virtually limitless combinations

SMART is our most versatile series. When we say versatile, we truly mean it. Our three designs, SMART cake, lotis and kup, let you play with edges, curves, angles and lines to your heart’s content. Select from 4 sizes with white, black or gold colours for luminaires in harmony – or in contrast – with the surroundings. Light can be directed – or fixed – in the lumen intensity, colour temperature and beam angle of your choice, from spotlight to wide flood.

If you aim to accentuate luminaires themselves as distinctive design elements, you can choose from surface and suspended mounting options. For a more discreet, integrated effect, recessed installations are also possible. Install SMART on walls – a 2017 addition to our series! – with direct light up and/or down. Square masks in identical or contrasting colours can help you emphasise light-shaping designs even further. In other words: the combinations are limitless.

Light quality as a differentiator

Of course, in the end, the light is what drives the very existence of Modular’s lighting instruments. That’s why we never skimp on light quality; every SMART spot emits light at CRI90 or higher, for highly accurate colour rendering and maximum optical comfort.

Here too, choices abound. Multiple colour temperatures allow you to select options ranging between bright, functional lighting to a warm glow. In addition, our warm-dim technology warms the colour temperature of the light as it is dimmed, for a relaxing, cosy ambiance at low light levels.

SMART: one spotlight to rule them all

This ability to mix and match a wide array of characteristics – both aesthetic and functional – is why architects and lighting designers enthusiastically embrace SMART. It allows them to develop unique, tailored solutions for accent, orientation and general lighting applications, to transform a simple “room” into a truly light-enabled space.

Check out our website to get every detail about SMART options and evolutions. And keep an eye on this autumn’s product blogs series: we’ll zoom in on another popular Modular product – Qbini – in our next blog!