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Henry Van De Velde label 2015


Not your everyday office light.

It’s no coincidence

that the name of our new fixture was based on the verb ‘to evade’.
Vaeder, obstinate as it is, goes its own way in the world of office lighting and tries to escape the ordinary.

Vaeder stands out from the crowd

with its characteristic honeycomb structure, which in combination with the wafer-thin diffuser, reduces glare to a minimum. The innovative LED lighting that was used for Vaeder has a strong impact on energy-efficiency and thereby makes this a highly recommended office fixture. Vaeder performs well, both in an energy-efficient and ergonomic office environment, as in a home office.

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A Modular worthy design

It was a very challenging project for interior designer Gerd Couckhuyt, who worked with Modular before on Izar. He has his own distinctive style, which is characterized by a high quality finishing touch, using subtle curves that emphasize the architectural linearity. Vaeder is a project he will definitely never forget.

Nature as a source of inspiration

The office market has always been dominated by straight, clean lines, often provided by the ordinary fluorescent tubes. It’s safe to say that the traditional market could use a boost in a different direction. The atypical shape of Vaeder does exactly what Gerd hoped it would; it takes its own path. Vaeder is a perfect example of nature being a source of inspiration.

Age-old symbols

“For Vaeder, I created a blend of the age-old symbols for man (/\) and woman (\/). You can see this on the face side of the fixture. They are embracing one another and at the same time, suspense is created between man/woman, and dominant/elegant. Together they produce a fixture that is endless.”

Honeycomb structure

The characteristic honeycomb structure, combined with a wafer-thin diffuser, enabled Gerd in creating something organic. His line of thought is clearly present in Vaeder’s design.

The challenge was threefold.

The fixture’s design had to be Modular worthy, the technology had to enable glare-free lighting and the luminaire had to measure up to the office standard EN 12464-1. It was a highly intensive process when Vaeder came to life.
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More than a fixture with a honeycomb

Frederik Vanslambrouck

In line with Gerd’s vision, our Research & Development team grabbed the opportunity in creating something extraordinary. It was a tough but exciting project for R&D Manager Frederik Vanslambrouck and R&D Engineer Kris De Craemer. Their specific expertise and drive for detail was crucial in developing a luminaire like Vaeder. They made sure that the sleek design and high quality technology came together in one effective office lighting solution.

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Kris De Craemer

Zooming in on the characteristic honeycomb, our R&D engineer Kris – who designed the distinctive honeycomb structure - explains how Vaeder came to life.

The honeycomb structure and complimentary diffuser sheet are what makes Vaeder perfect for any office area. They make sure this luminaire has a great Unified Glare Rating (UGR) and meets the strict requirements of the lighting standard for office spaces (EN 12464-1).

The in-house designed honeycomb was also meticulously designed for the sloping shape of the outer shell, and perfectly traces its outer contours.

With this unique combination of design and technology, we move away from the bombastic light boxes. We’ve now created a functional downlight for every office environment.

Outer Shell
LED Driver
Diffuser sheet
Vaeder is a progressive lighting solution. Its innovative technology is what sets it apart from its peers.
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Where does Vaeder fit in?

Changing Vaeder's colours makes it possible to choose the perfect solution, fitting in your home office or landscape office interior. Nancy Vanhauwaert, interior architect and lighting consultant at Modular can tell us more about the application of Vaeder in a room. She believes this downlight is best suited for an office area, however it’s not restricted to offices only. She elaborates on the ideal habitat of Vaeder.


Vaeder’s honeycomb and outer shell come in different colours, which can be combined. Not only does this affect the look-and-feel of this luminaire, but also its lighting. Meaning that a black honeycomb absorbs more of the light coming out Vaeder, while the white one reflects more light. As for the outer shell, you can get black, white or Modular’s newest addition to the colour range: donkey grey structure. They can all be combined with a black or white honeycomb structure.

You don’t just install Vaeder, you give it a home. Vaeder is available as a pendant or surface mounted: a small distance of 6mm is kept from the ceiling, which gives Vaeder a lighter and more floating look.

Soft curves

Vaeder’s soft curves create a futuristic fixture that appears to be floating out of some other dimension. Using the power feed recessed suspension kit emphasizes the minimalistic look of the luminaire. For esthetic purposes, the suspension cylinders have been reduced in size (h 11 mm ø 16 mm). The new suspension set allows you to adjust the height of Vaeder more easily.

In April 2015 Modular presented Vaeder, along with other new releases, to the public at lighting design fair Euroluce in Milan. Our booth at this fair was an ode to Vaeder, meaning it had its specific shape and it was finished off with a lot of attention for detail.
Its sides, with all surfaces merging seamlessly, refer to the perfect connection between Vaeder’s honeycomb structure and outer shell. The booth’s colours were intentionally sober, making Vaeder and his specific light effect stand out immediately. And of course, our lady watched over Vaeder.
It is clear that Vaeder wasn’t blending in at Euroluce. With its futuristic and atypical design, our new fixture was an eye-catcher!