The essence of poetry

Create an unexpected experience with light. The interplay of light and shadow is simply shown. This simplicity however is what makes the outcome surprising and beautiful. Impulse Round & Square applies a basic principle resulting in a very warm and poetic effect.

Shadow shadow on the wall

Experience the pulse of light in a new way. Watch geometric arches of shadow and light as they weave into a warm gradient that gently fades into the wall. It's the surprising interaction of LEDS and their meticulous, precise position. No need to understand how it really works, just enjoy the effect.

A minimalist design

The design is very minimalist, making it fit in almost any setting.  An abstract shape while the light is off, the unobtrusive design enables Impulse's captivating light effect to be the main focus. This gives you plenty of inspiration ⁠to accentuate architectural features.

It’s not immediately clear what causes this gradient of shadows, it has a sense of mystery to it that I very much like. Maarten De Ceulaer, Product Designer

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