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Get the tough luxe look

There’s industrial and there’s industrial chic. There’s cold concrete and metal surfaces and there’s cold concrete and metal surfaces warmed up with wooden floors and soft furnishings. This year’s trend is all about balance. Peace of mind. Yin and yang.


Tough Luxe is the answer for all those who love the industrial look, but also love luxury. Elegance and sophistication without losing the basic raw elements. Bare, but with small details to enrich the space. The homely industrial look you might say. Fur next to concrete. Brick behind leather furniture. Cold grey polished stone combining with warm bright colours. You need a light hand to get the balance absolutely right. And you definitely need the right lighting.


What could be more Tough Luxe than United LED? A blend of industrial design and beautiful subtle detailing? United LED is the evolution of the prize-winning (Good Design Awards 2011) collaboration between Modular Lighting Instruments and switched-on Belgian designers Couvreur Devos. This iconic design is a homage to the classic seamless fluorescent bulb.


The light tubes of United LED are slightly recessed, creating a continuous line of light with no dark spots, even at the ends.


Different lengths (974 mm or 1274 mm), different covers (black or white) and different configurations (1x or 2x lamps) allow design freedom. Uniform length and colour? Contrasting lengths and colours? One lamp or two?


There are further creative possibilities. United LED can be mounted horizontally or vertically on the ceiling or wall and can also be combined with a suspension kit. Or you might decide for United asy LED which creates an asymmetrical lighting effect. This can be mounted directly on the ceiling, with or without an extra cover. Or on the wall, where the asymmetrical lighting effect is perfect for illuminating a shelf or work of art. The possibilities are endless!


To learn more about United’s LED technology we spoke to Tom Degang (R&D, Modular Lighting Instruments): “The move to LED was not taken likely.” According to Tom “Nine moths work. Like having a baby!”  Well worth the wait. As Tom also told us: “By using LED, it uses 75% less energy than a standard light fitting. It also lasts longer: 50,000 hours.” Beautiful interior lighting that is helping preserve our beautiful world. Enlightening indeed.


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