October 9, 2015

A little story about marbles and winks!

We want to let you know that Modular has again launched four new lighting solutions! We’re quite happy about them and hope you will share in our happiness. Let’s introduce you to our Wink, Marbul, Marcel, SLD75 and new M-LED!


Wink & Asy Wink: a spotlight with a bit of wink-wink humour

A wink can be used as a greeting, an attempted flirt or could even be an irritating twitch. Now then, what is our new spotlight all about? We found it hard to pin (asyWink down to one specific style, although we must acknowledge that with Modular, all of our products have always contained a humorous element.

This fixture is a combination of a bit of Modular “wink-wink” humour and the technical skills of award-winning designers Couvreur & Devos, who designed almost a dozen of lighting solutions for Modular since 2010. This resulted in a spotlight that is characterized by a straightforward approach, detailed finishing and sleek design, but before all, it is semi-recessed in the ceiling while just peeking out over the edge.

Wink blends in with the ceiling, while standing out at the same time. This fixture will instantly make your interior appear more inspired. Its feminine curves have sharp-edged, as well as smooth contours and this way it always looks different, depending on your point of view in the room. Maybe this is precisely what Wink is: different from any other type of spotlight.


Marbul, anything but average

In Roeselare, people call a marble ‘bolleket’ or a ‘Merrebol’. We have combined these names into Marbul for our new fixture, because let’s face it; Marbul just has a much better ring to it! One could say that the name is anything but average, but so is this fixture.

Marbul feels equally at ease on walls and on ceilings, making it suited for use in private homes and in the hospitality industry. Its smart design, characterized by atypical, asymmetric shapes, was combined with advanced technology, as is the case with most Modular products. It’s an energy-efficient surface mounted solution, perfect for your renovation projects.  

The original briefing for Marbul was to ‘create a good and sophisticated housing’. That’s why Modular developed a completely new rotation system that outperforms the typical gimbal system. What’s even more; all underlying technology and all screws have been completely concealed. To satisfy consumer demand, the housing into which the LED gear is integrated has been kept as elegant and light as possible, making the spheres appear to be floating. Lastly, Marbul is also extremely easy to install.

The lamp units, which are arranged asymmetrically, are a typical Modular detail: the units are tilted without any visible wiring. On top of that, the round shape of the lamp units also conducts heat, resulting in a more efficient and effective lighting solution. Marbul comes in black-, white- or donkey grey structure, with one or two spheres that can be adjusted individually.


Marcel, the best of both worlds for retailers

One of Modular’s latest offspring is Marcel, a multi-purpose spotlight with a high lumen output. This spot was a specific request of the retail industry, since other fixtures (such as the (Mini) Multiple), which seemed the logical choice for this type of use, were actually found to be either a little too large or too small. With Marcel, Modular offers the perfect response to customer demand for an efficient, high performant, square, adjustable and recessed spotlight for retail application.

Marcel combines the best of both worlds, since its size is precisely in between the Mini Multiple and the Multiple at 140mm by 140mm (for the 1xLED unit). Customers can choose different colour temperatures (2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K), lumen output (up to 3000lm) from a series of standard solutions and add different lighting accessories, such as spread lenses, honeycombs or transparant glasses. On top of that, Marcel comes in a square or rectangular model, depending on the number (one, two or three) of LED modules. Because of its flexibility this sleek, directional recessed fixture will be used mainly in retail settings, which usually require high light level and low energy consumption.

Marcel is very easy to install and can be built into any ceiling with a thickness from 1mm to 30mm, regardless of the material it’s made of. You simply secure this spotlight into the ceiling by tightening two screws. The bionic heatsink, developed by Modular, ensures optimum heat dissipation, while the bracket and unique tilting mechanism allow you to easily direct the light source with nothing more than a broom- or any other stick!


M-LED 70: a technological upgrade

In our series “Revival of the icons”, Modular has developed a new M-LED module to upgrade your halogen fixtures. Recently Modular replaced its AR111 halogen lamp module with the M-LED 111, an in-house designed LED module. This presented a perfect opportunity for the lighting specialist to future-proof a few of its icons.

Thanks to the new M-LED 70, several lighting solutions that still date from the halogen era are now available in a LED version. This will for instance be the case for Mini multiple, Mini multiple trimless and Haloscan 128. M-LED 70 allows you to fully upgrade these fixtures to LED technology, instead of buying a completely new light fixture!

As always Modular has done everything to develop a technologically efficient module that is very easy to install through specially installed springs that allow you to click the module into the lamp ring. With the “M-LED-70”, Modular Lighting Instruments is mainly targeting the relamping segment, resulting in a longer lifecycle for previously purchased light fixtures.



Our well renowned SL75 lighting profile has been redeveloped and is now LED dedicated. SLD75 is a completely customizable linear lighting solution, guaranteeing the perfect size for your setting. The LED technology, combined with different lenses, prismatic poly or PMMA grants you the perfect solution for office lighting with a low UGR (anti-glare). SLD75 equipped with standard poly is perfect for general lighting and is even offered in standard preset dimming in order to guarantee you a lower power concumption and longer life cycle. Following Drupl70, SLD75 is again an extension of our office compliant lighting portfolio.