Volvo Showroom, Tampere, Finland

We all know Swedish luxury vehicle brand Volvo as a brand that is dedicated to safety and design. These values are reflected in their showrooms, the concept of which was designed together with Swedish Wingårds architects. Now Volvo Finland has joined forces with TROI Group design to take this concept to the next level in dozens of dealerships, including the Käyttöauto dealership in Tampere, Finland. Modular Is proud to be a part of this redesign.


Volvo has dealerships all over the world. From 2003 to 2007, they rolled out the Volvo Next Face showroom concept, which is now being replaced by the new Volvo Retail Experience concept. Volvo Finland took TROI group on board to introduce this concept in Finland. Käyttöauto in Tampere was recently one of the first locations to welcome this new design, which features lighting solutions by Modular. More Volvo showrooms across Finland are to follow soon!


The new showroom concept is all about the beauty of contrast. The contrast between warm and cool, indoors and outdoors. This should lead to a relaxed, intimate and collaborative customer experience. Not that easy in a 1,200 m² store. That is why it was divided into different areas, each having a different function: ‘the street’ is where all cars are presented, while ‘the living room’ is the place where customer communication takes place. Both spaces are designed differently, each with their own lighting settings. Thus, a more intimate atmosphere is created in ‘the living room’, while ‘the street’ is all about engagement with the cars.


To contribute to this dealership redesign, Modular ticked every box in terms of quality, flexibility and colour rendering. Together with Highlight Valaistus Oy, we suggested Kanon and Lotis Square. Kanon track 138 spots were used to light the cars from 4,5 meters high, while the 110 version was used for the lower ceiling sections. This luminaire is perfect for illuminating and highlighting the cars and their features. It’s a bright, high-CRI spotlight at 4000K colour temperature that mimics bright daylight in ‘the street’. In ‘the living room’, Lotis square for LED and MLED 50 spots with 2700 K colour temperature ensure a cosy, welcoming atmosphere.


All collaborative parties were happy with the result. All fixtures were delivered on time ànd with easy-to-understand installation instructions. This is key in projects like this, as dealers cannot afford to close their showroom for months… Modular staff kept a constant eye on the process and was always available to provide extra information and insights.

“We love Modular LED fixtures – not only do they meet every need in every part of the showroom, they’re energy efficient and dimmable. The solution has helped us save up to 60% on energy.”
Kimmo Vuolle, service manager at Volvo Tampere

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