Media Markt, Barcelona, Spain

Media Markt was founded in 1979 by four German entrepreneurs. That same year, the first Media Markt opened in Germany, with a formula that was revolutionary at the time. It was a place where the customer could find everything concerning electronics, and this all under the same roof. Furthermore, for the first time people could touch and try a product, take it from the shelves themselves and immediately pay at the counter. In 10 years' time, Media Markt grew up to be a true phenomenon. After setting up the tenth store, it became time to broaden their horizon. Currently, there are more than 500 Media Markt-stores spread over seven European countries.


Media Markt wanted to take a step forward by opening a concept store in Barcelona, where the latest technologies are combined with customer-oriented service. Situated in a popular shopping street, customers can browse through virtual catalogues and in the meantime trust in the expertise of the Digital Store-personnel. With a surface of 800m² (warehouse included), this Media Markt is the smallest but also the most futuristic one so far. The experience is present everywhere, from gimmicks like an enormous screen with Virtual Reality-device to workshop-spaces with various service counters. A nice balance between cutting-edge technologies and a human touch, being a high-end human service. The lighting design had to associate with this concept, but also reinforce it.


The designer had a clear image in mind that suited well with this concept: a honeycomb light pattern. The challenge for Modular was to meet these needs while keeping technology, design, timing and budget in mind. Initially, after calculations, the result showed that it wouldn’t be ideal with the given requirements. Therefore transparency is really important, especially at this stage of the project. We want to guarantee and provide an optimal result on all fronts. So, in order to create a feasible project, adjustments needed to be done. This is why the client invited us to have a look at it together. The solution was to simplify the connection between the 3 Modular-profiles. This way, the visual effect of a honeycomb is still there, and the other needs can be provided as well.


By combining the existing SL75-profile with a custom-made connection, the request could be approved in terms of deliverability, facilities, technique and price. The SL75 guarantees a great base-lighting thanks to CRI90+, colour temperature and consumption. The additional Philips-spotlights complete the image. Combined, this offers a shopping-experience at the desired level.


An enthusiastic 'thank you' afterwards, what else do you want? The delivery and placement were successful. Our Project Care-team even received and e-mail from the installers in Barcelona, thanking us for the ease of installment. Meanwhile, the media has spoken in favour of the Digital Store and it has been rated as enjoyable. A wonderful case for all involved parties. Contributing to this was a real honour!

Project info

Realisation date
July 2016