Adris Offices, Zagreb, Croatia

Adris Group is a Croatia-based company, employing over 8000 people. Its core businesses are situated in tourism (Maistra hotels, resorts and apartments), nutrition (Cromaris) and insurance (Croatia osiguranje). Their headquarters are located in Rovinj, but they recently started the construction of a new office in Croatia’s capital Zagreb.


The new office building is located right in the historic city center of Zagreb, based in a former tobacco factory. The main idea was to focus on energy efficiency, with a lot of detail for interior design. This first requirement is the reason why the project is completely LEED certified. Modular teamed up with the architects of 2RPI achieve the perfect balance between efficiency and design in lighting.


Modular has a wide energy friendly portfolio and quite an amount of office fixtures that fitted perfectly into this project. Office lighting needs to be very functional and yet it has to be flexible. That is why Modular chose to combine adjustable and fixed spotlights.

Light profiles on the other hand serve as perfect functional lighting solutions in the office areas.


Drupl was an easy choice, since it's one of Modular’s most recent LED office luminaires. Its distinct architectural characteristics, combined with high-performance technical features, make this coveted fixture fit the bill perfectly. Even shorter versions of Drupl matched the demanded standards for lighting and energy consumption.

Accent lighting, allowing to set different atmospheres matching the different purposes of a room, was added by using our largely versatile Smart family. Customized versions of this family make for extremely powerful eye-catchers in the marvelous reception area.


This project was completely delivered in June 2016. Architect Vedrana Ergić, recently received the Bernardo Bernardi award for the most successful achievement in the field of design and interior design for the year 2016. So not only we but also the Association of Croatian Architects, who give the award, were impressed by the result. Photography: Romano Decker & Dejan Kutic

Project info

Vedrana Ergić
Realisation date
June 2016
Project designer
2RPI studio