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Adjustable thin light panel diffusing soft light

In their homes, people love understated lighting solutions that create a cosy, cocoon-like atmosphere. Wollet disseminates beautiful diffused light using OLED. A one-fold fixture, it consists of three components: a tight casing, a paper-thin OLED light source and a special hinge which not only allows the light plate to tilt by up to 180°, but also changes the look and feel of the luminaire. Technology and driver are seamlessly integrated into the device, without any visible screws – as befits a Modular lighting solution.

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Wollet OLED GI

Wollet OLED GI fotoWollet OLED GI tekening
Article Nr.ColourColour temperaturePDF
13250032black strucwarm white / 3000KPDF
13250009white strucwarm white / 3000KPDF

Art. Nr. 13250032


Lamp1x OLED 2.8W
Gear / TransfoLED gear incl.
Power supply230V
Weight1.48 kg
Min. distance0.1
Glow wire test960°
Lumen.148 lm
Efficacy42 lm/W
Luminaire power3.5W
Efficacy42 lm/W


Wollet OLED 3000K GI black struc polair diagram