Wall lighting fixtures

Wall light fixtures. Setting the mood.

Wall light fixtures set the mood. Adding ambient light and depth to your décor. They also provide the necessary illumination for safety, accent architectural features or serve as a work of art on their own.

Used creatively, they can add a homely feeling to non-residential environments. Think for example, of a meeting room in an office, or the waiting room in a hospital.

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Light. Up, down, up and down.

Uplighting and downlighting is all about creating light effects. Uplights can provide a wash effect or create accent lighting. Depending on the angle of the beam, they can accentuate a high ceiling, lifting up and enlarging the room.

Downlights can add ambience to a room, but also for practical purposes, light the ground below. While a combination of up and downlighting is decorative, makes the space feel higher and creates ambience.

Duell wall gives every room a softer touch allowing you to play with colour and accent lighting.

Guiding lights. Leading the way.

Wall light fixtures also have their practical uses, as guiding lights in a hall or stairway. Nukav (which means edgy) is a playful Modular design for orientation lighting. While Doze (our box of light) is more serious, a circular central lighting. Both add something special as wall light fixtures on a hallway or stairs.

Ceiling lights. Perfect wall lights.

To our way of thinking, what goes on the ceiling can also go on the wall. Perfect Modular examples include Médard 42 (stand-alone or in combination with Pista). This award winning design is available in different warm colours. Marbul is a much loved product, available in one, two and three lamps, for creative configurations. And Rektor, from the Latin word for ruler, which has also won a design award. Style with proven substance.

Light art. Three masterpieces.

If you’re looking for wall light fixtures to add extra creativity to your lighting design, may we introduce these three pieces from our wall fixture collection: Nomad, Fuser and Bold.

Nomad is classic 80’s industrial styling and 2018 technology. Still one of our most popular wall lights. Fuser, a fluorescent lamp with a diffuser, strong lighting which is hard to ignore. Bold: strong lines and oblique angles, this surreal architectural shape looks different from every place you stand.

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