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Directional halo

The diffuse light that Haloscan casts on a ceiling creates a unique universe. Its shape reminds us of the ring of light which sometimes appears around the eclipsed sun or moon. As it is directional, it can be easily fitted in any room. The Haloscan 179 for LED is an upgraded version of our classic Haloscan fixture. Combined with the M-LED 111 module, Haloscan 179 for LED now gives you a wide variety of lighting colours and beam angle combinations.

Haloscan project spotlight 1
Haloscan project spotlight 2
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Haloscan 179 for LED GE

Haloscan 179 for LED GE fotoHaloscan 179 for LED GE tekening
Article Nr.ColourPDF
10303009white strucPDF
10303002black strucPDF

Art. Nr. 10303009


Lamp1x LED (not incl.)
Gear / TransfoLED gear not incl.
Adjustabilitygimble -12°/+12°
Cut-out sizeø 160 h 100
Weight0.5 kg
Glow wire test960°
Remark! must be used with M-LED 111


LED module

11298609M-LED 111 4000K spot GE white strucFotoPDF
11298502M-LED 111 3000K flood GE black mattFotoPDF
11298509M-LED 111 3000K flood GE white strucFotoPDF
11298402M-LED 111 3000K medium GE black mattFotoPDF
11298302M-LED 111 3000K spot GE black mattFotoPDF
11298309M-LED 111 3000K spot GE white strucFotoPDF
11298202M-LED 111 2700K flood GE black mattFotoPDF
11298209M-LED 111 2700K flood GE white strucFotoPDF
11298109M-LED 111 2700K medium GE white strucFotoPDF
11298002M-LED 111 2700K spot GE black mattFotoPDF
11298409M-LED 111 3000K medium GE white strucFotoPDF
11298102M-LED 111 2700K medium GE black mattFotoPDF
11298802M-LED 111 4000K flood GE black mattFotoPDF
11298809M-LED 111 4000K flood GE white strucFotoPDF
11298702M-LED 111 4000K medium GE black mattFotoPDF
11298709M-LED 111 4000K medium GE white strucFotoPDF
11298602M-LED 111 4000K spot GE black mattFotoPDF
11298009M-LED 111 2700K spot GE white strucFotoPDF


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70000152HUE dimmer switch
13190030Modular connected 1-10v white componentPDF
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