Exterior lighting fixtures

Exterior lighting. Exterior living.

Good exterior lighting can make the outside of a space as beautiful as the inside. Increasing the enjoyment of the day, even after sunset. This is the feeling we want to create for homes, hospitality and public spaces.

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Extending the inside outside.

Continuity in design can give the feeling that the inside space is extended to the outside. This effect can be accentuated by using the same light fixtures and lighting effects both inside and outside. Duell Wall is perfect for this double-role. They allow you to play with colour, up and downlighting, giving the inside and outside areas an attractive softer touch.

Exterior choices. Creating the look.

Outdoor wall lights and floor lights, portable lights and lights that can be fixed in the ground. All the lighting fixtures you need to create exactly the effect and look you want.

If you’re searching for exterior lighting that will get noticed, we have one outdoor light that will quite literally make an impact. Hit-me, a 1.25-metre-long fluorescent nails that are fixed in the ground. Or A(r)mor, the low-level stealth bomber of garden lighting design.

If Hit-me is a bit too much statement for you, there’s always Buzze and Kabaz.
Buzze and Kabaz create portable atmosphere. Buzze is small and can be used inside and out. While Kabaz, is much bigger, mostly used on the ground, but can also be on the wall.

Garden greats.

Modular also offer a range of ground lighting. Our installations in grass include Fall, Hipy and Julien. Fall is at a 10ï‚° angle, based on the idea of wind bending trees at an odd angle. Hipy, a peaceful round or square spotlight in the ground that doesn’t generate any heat. Perfect for bare feet. And dear Julien, for highlighting garden features, from a wall mounting or with a ground stake in soft soil.

Lowie and Lowieze have the same functionality. Both go much further than the front door. These spotlights (one or two units) can rotate around the body, to point light in any direction you choose. Lowieze has two different heights to choose from.

IP rating.

All our exterior light fixtures have the appropriate IP (Ingress Protection) rating. It’s important, as this classifies and rates the degree of protection against intrusion from foreign bodies, dust, dirt and accidental contact and water. Your Modular lighting is fully protected against the great outdoors.

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