May 5, 2017

Volvo (Tampere): a novel look inspired by the beauty of contrast

Swedish vehicle manufacturer Volvo operates dealerships in thousands of locations worldwide. Between 2003 and 2007, the iconic vehicle manufacturer rolled out the Volvo Next Face showroom concept, which is now being replaced by the Volvo Retail Experience concept across the world. Volvo Finland took TROI group on board to introduce the concept in Finland, both in 2006 and now. The new evolution, which features illumination provided by Modular, was recently implemented at Käyttöauto in Tampere and is currently being unrolled in more Volvo showrooms across Finland.


Designed around the customer

The revamp of Käyttöauto´s 1,200m2 store is based on the caveat ‘designed around the customer’, separating the showroom into different areas with different functions: ‘The Street’, where products are presented and ‘The Living Room’ where customer communication takes place. Both spaces feature different materials, furnishing, colours and light qualities. “An overarching goal of the furnishings, including the lighting solutions, was to foster intimacy in The Living Room and engagement in The Street,” explains Mika Lehtinen, CEO of TROI Group.


Shining a light on relationships

The showroom’s new look is miles ahead of its old one. “A clear difference between the old interior concept and the new is a more effective use of space achieved with the help of well-considered lighting. In the Street, it’s absolutely critical that customers connect with the cars. So the lighting solution had to illuminate the vehicle in the best possible way, highlighting the product features and displaying true product colours,” explains Johanna Hedman, Interior Designer at TROI Group.


Modular solutions: perfect intensity, colour and location

Modular Lighting Instruments, distributed by Highlight Valaistus Oy, ticked every box in terms of quality, flexibility and colour rendering. Bright, high-CRI Kanon spots at 4000K colour temperature were installed to mimic bright daylight in The Street. While Kanon 138 spots are used to light the cars from 4.5 meters high, the 110 models illuminate the cars from the low ceiling section. In The Living Room, Lotis Square spots with 2700 K colour temperature ensure a cosy, welcoming atmosphere.

“Modular’s Kanon spot family enables customers to observe the true colour of a vehicle in any kind of space without being taken outside by a representative with a paint sample,” says Marko Laari, CEO at lighting distributor Highlight Valaistus Oy. “At the beginning of the project, Kanon was new to the market. Its power is really unique, so it came right on time.”


Collaborative experts in light

All parties involved were pleased by every aspect of working with Modular. The products were delivered on time – which is key, as dealers cannot afford to close their showroom for months – and with easy-to-understand installation instructions. When questions arose, Modular staff were available to provide extra information and insights. “I could trust their expertise,” Marko Laari continues. “Not only are Modular people helpful, but they know how to use the right light and to solve issues in even the most challenging projects.”

“It takes skill to create the right atmosphere for a memorable brand experience,” asserts Kimmo Vuolle, service manager at Käyttöauto, the Volvo dealership in Tampere. “The new Volvo concept supports a fair investment in both space and lighting. We’re delighted with the result. Now we have an excellent platform for building great customer relationships and making successful sales. At the same time, the new showroom is a great environment for us to work in. Last but not least, the LED lighting solution is very energy-efficient. It has helped us save up to 60% on energy!”