March 29, 2017

Let's introduce you to our novelties

Spring is in the air, Easter is only a few more sleeps ahead of us and days are getting longer. That's when you know Modular will come up with a new product launch. This time, we have something special up our sleaves! We believe it's time to make acquaintance with a new member to our coveted Smart- and K families. But what we're even more excited about, is our newest product family: Qbini. Let’s get you up-to-date! 


Miniature, modern simplicity for intimate spaces: Qbini.

Qbini might look small, but we promise it will be hard to find a spotlight that's so versatile as this one! Its name is a combination of ‘cubic’ and ‘mini’, which immediately clarifies its USP: Qbini is a miniature square recessed LED fixture. It perfectly fits right into your home, hospitality project or boutque. Qbini immediately became Modular’s smallest recessed lighting solutions, coming at a diameter of only 44 mm.


What makes this luminaire so unique, is its pattented press-in, press-out technology, making installation child's play! Even when used with concrete ceilings, not one screw will ever be required. On top of that, its versatility is proven by the different frames and colours Qbini comes in. Depending on the lighting effect you're after, you can pick the black or white frame, holding one to four Qbini lamps. 


Any combination of a variety of six shapes, four frames, two colours, two positions, thre colour temperatures and two beam angles are possible and several expansions are already planned, for even greater versatility to come! Make sure you keep an eye on this magnificent new member of the Modular family! 


Smart 82 adjustable

Our Smart family is famous for the unique combination of intelligent design and attractive finesse. Available in Modular’s three hottest formats (Kup, Lotis, Cake), a wide range of diameters, colours and a large diversity of accessories and mounting options, make this family as flexible as it is alluring. The continuing popularity of this fixture has led to several new expansions to the portfolio.


One of a few gaps of the Smart portfolio, was the absence of a small adjustable spotlight. That's why we're introducing the Smart 82 adjustable. This allows you to rotate one of the smallest members of the family 355 degrees at an angle of up to 25 degrees! Now you're able to adjust Smart 82 for the perfect level and style of illumination in exactly the right place. Of course, we also made installation as simple as possible, equipping Smart 82 with a leaf spring design. If a recessed installation isn’t possible, or if you’d like to achieve a bold and stylish look, you can combine Smart 82 adjustable with a Smart tube or box for a surface mounted solution.


To top things off, we're also launching the Smart mask for Smart 48. This accessory previously only came for with Smart 82, 115 and 160, but is now also available for the smallest member of the Smart family. This adds even more emphasis and originality to our smallest Smart luminaire. Not only will the Smart mask 48 add that special touch to your lighting solution; the mask also serves perfectly to cover uneven oroversized luminaire holes in ceilings.


K120 adjustable

The K family is one of those (in)famous Modular icons. One letter is all this elegant, simple and versatile spotlight portfolio needs. This basic, round, recessed and highly-bright spotlight fits perfectly into any hospitality and retail environment. A 45-degree inclination enables K to offer targeted illumination, highlighting the best aspects of key products, services and areas. 


Now we’re adding yet another option to this coveted family, offering even greater lighting flexibility for larger spaces. The K120 adjustable has a larger diameter, offering a higher lumen output. This new family member also comes with three different accessories: two anti-glare accessories, a crossblade or honeycomb., and a spread lens. The latter allows you to create a softer lighting ambiance


Drupl 70 flange

Inspired by the effects of sunlight through droplets of water, Modular’s Drupl is derived from the Dutch 'Druppel', meaning ‘drop’. New advances in luminary technology make Drupl the perfect continuous lighting solution for offices, where high-quality light and anti-glare qualities are key. 


Drupl is the result of cutting-edge optical lighting research, combining the benefits of unique optical lenses, highly-performant LEDs producing light at a quality of CRI90 or greater and a Modular worthy design. This profile will immediately transform any professional space. We now added a Druple flange version to this already broad family. This new version enables an attractive, streamlined and advanced recessed installation.


Finally, Modular has also upgraded the technology of many of its prominent linear lighting solutions (like SLD50, SLD75 and MP78). The Fortimo LED Lines now come in three colour temperatures (2700K, 3000K and 4000K), and each colour option comes with a standard light quality of CRI90+!