November 16, 2016

Enjoy our warm dim cosiness

"Oh yeah, baby..."
There are times when you just want to create a more sultry mood. Sometimes a room needs something more. It needs to be a tad more intimate. You want to give it that magical soft glow and a warmer feeling. This is exactly why Modular introduces warm dimming for several LED fixtures. 


Our warm dim technology enables you to dim LEDs, thus creating the same warm ambiance as that of a dimmed halogen lamp. With matching high CRI values over dimming, a full range of beam angles and LED gears, impeccable dimming results without any hiccups. The integration of this technology in Modular's design architectural fixtures broadens the horizon of our emblematic fixtures. What's also good to know: as this technology is integrated into a module developed by our very own in-house designers, our warm dim solution is much more efficient - even at system level - than any other available on the market today!


When dimming halogen lamps, the colour temperature automatically drops. A dimmed halogen lamp thus radiates a warmer, more atmospheric light than one operating at full capacity. Although it has been possible to dim LED lighting for some time now, the colour temperature remained unchanged, resulting in a different ambiance from that of dimmed halogen light. However, the recently developed ‘warm dimming’ technology enables dimmed LED and halogen light to create the same warm ambiance.


Modular is applying this technology to several fixtures: Smart 82, Smart 115 adjustable, M-LED 50 and M-LED 70. The two Smart spotlights are proud members of the popular Smart collection. This family allows you to choose from a wide array of accessories for a basic LED spotlight that comes in three designs: Smart cake, Smart lotis and Smart kup. Each of these designs creates a different lighting effect. The huge variety in shapes and colours offered by Smart makes this the ideal solution for every project.

More fixtures will follow soon!