September 16, 2016


Modular is proud to be the first architectural lighting company to tap into the power of connected lighting: Modular connected. This will introduce a new, bright way of thinking about light. This new technology offers a wide array of advantages. Let’s talk you through it.


Modular connected lighting allows you to control and experience light in a whole new way. It fits perfectly into your home, but is easily installed in small and medium-sized office environments, restaurants or hotellobbies. or in smaller shops and boutiques.


1. Please, don’t get up!

Modular connected marks the end of the light switch era. With one tap on your smartphone, you can now control all of your lighting solutions. Switching lights on or off, dimming them or creating different atmospheres are just a few of the possibilities that are now literally in your hands. Anywhere, any time!


2. Looking for a specific ambiance?

With Connected lighting, changing the intsity and brightness of lights has never been easier! Now you’re always able to match the perfect ambiance with the mood or task at hand. No one needs bright spotlights when you’re planning on having a romantic evening, while working out isn’t all that productive with dull dimmed lights…


3. We are all creatures of habit…

You can even take it a step further! With Modular connected, you can program and activate different light routines. With these, you won’t even need to think about the lights. Just set up your wak-up, arriving home and go-to-sleep reoutines and you’re all set!


4. Anywhere, any time

Have more peace of mind by turning on your lights when you’re away from home to discourage burglars. Or do the opposite: left the house, but you’re not sure if you switched of the lights in the kitchen after that quick search for a snack? Let the ‘home or away’ mode take care of that. Or even better: the ‘geofencing’ technology can do it for you, without you having to tap any buttons…  


5. Gotta connect it all!

With Modular connected you can go all-connected! Synchronise your lights with movies, music, automated blinds, locks, fences, door bells, thermostats etc. The possibilities this new technology offers are endless… This all thanks to the huge Friends of Hue ecosystem, including an ever-growing family of different devices, sensors and apps.


Discover all what connected lighting is capable of in our new brochure or on our dedicated webpage!