June 12, 2018

Make it you - Light it like it’s 2018

Sometimes mixing and matching trends and styles becomes a movement of its own. Today’s hottest interior design brings different influences together to create a unique and extremely personal look. How about some clean-cut Scandinavian design in the midst of an industrial setting? Or the combination of exotic chic and sober minimalism. It’s all possible, so just get groovy with it and make your spaces truly your own. You do you! Mix it up.


Your lighting, your choice

At Modular Lighting Instruments we are all about getting inspired individuals together and combining their peculiarities into cutting-edge designs and innovations. You could certainly call individual expression our creative fuel. As such, our new addition, the SLD50 Naked, is in check with some of the most original interior design that’s being done right now, as it allows every designer or customer to create their own desired configurations. Do you want to combine general lighting with some accent lights? Of course! You feel like using different colors for your inner and outer profiles? No problem. You have the option to combine all your favorite elements into a completely personal and fitting luminaire for your room. So let’s mix and match!


Your way

When we say you can think up your own configuration, we mean that quite literally. With different outer and inner profiles in different color combinations, including the newest addition ‘Champagne’, 4 possible mountings, the naked linear LED tubes that come in 3 different lengths and the option to add 1 or 2 accent lights, in the form of our Naked Eyeball luminaires. With this many possibilities on the table, every installation can be truly unique and completely ‘you’. The warm color options for the inner profiles (Gold and Champagne) make sure these luminaires are ideal to be used in domestic setting or in hospitality. And so the SLD50 Naked enhances and completes practically every style and even the most eclectic of interior designs.


The newest member of our gang

The SLD50 Naked didn’t appear out of nowhere. We took our existing design of the SL Mini Naked and brought it to the next technological level. The SLS bulbs have been replaced by own developed linear LED tubes, making the luminaires more durable and affordable. These LED lights have a much longer lifespan than the earlier TL technology and lower energy consumption, which will definitely impact your monthly energy bill. With this new addition, Modular Lighting Instruments now has a 100% LED portfolio. Quite unique in the world of architectural lighting!