EU Summit, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Between January 1 and June 30, 2016, the Netherlands presided the European Union. This presidency includes the organisation of a European summit, which was hosted in Amsterdam. In collaboration with the renowned Dutch designer Edward van Vliet, Modular was asked to provide a lighting solution for the interior design concept.


The Netherlands hosted the EU summit in three different Amsterdam buildings, accommodating exhibit areas, meeting- and pressrooms. The idea was to take the opportunity to display the rich history of the country. For example: the prominent blue colours refer to Holland’s historical connection to the sea.

In close collaboration with Edward van Vliet, Modular’s fixtures were incorporated in the right places to accentuate specific aspects of the interior. Especially in the exhibition area, light was to be a key factor in how visitors would take everything in.


The vast spaces that temporarily served as the home of the European Union housed different areas, serving various purposes. The exhibition areas featured accent lighting to put some of Holland’s greatest historical personalities in the spotlight. Portraits of people like Annie M.G. Schmidt and Dick Bruna were accentuated by playfully adding a wall wash effect.

This was in contrast to the meeting rooms, seating dozens of delegates and ministers. These spaces featured a nice combination of general lighting and accent lighting.


A wide array of fixtures was used, including both icons of the Modular portfolio, like Médard and Bolster, and some new luminaires, like Drupl. According to the different purposes of the areas, specific lighting solutions were fit into the rooms.

Meeting- and conference rooms were equipped with 2Flat2C, Drupl and Flat moon. These design fixtures and profile lighters are playfully put into the room, aiming to be both functional and design features.

In the lounge areas Bolster, Médard and Duell were used to accentuate art and to create a more intimate mood. While in the exhibition hall Duell and Médard functioned as perfect accent lighters.


All of these different lighting solutions were installed in November 2015.

Project info

Edward van Vliet
Realisation date
November 2015
Project designer
Edward van Vliet