Bershka is a Spanish fashion chain for youngsters. It’s part of the multinational company Inditex and has grown since its start in 1998 up to almost 1000 stores worldwide.


In 2015 Inditex decided to give the Bershka brand a revamp. Being fully aware that the retail marketplace is exceptionally competitive, they started looking for ways to differentiate the Bershka brand and create a unique concept in the physical stores. The key pillars of Bershka are fashion, youth and music, which had to be fully reflected in all components of every store. Architecture and design firm ‘Castel Veciana’ was requested to design a new store concept supporting this vision. The new store concept had to create a feeling of a backstage concert area and was inspired by industrial aesthetics, with exposed walls and ceilings. The aim was to create functional and versatile retail points with a dynamic atmosphere. Further Bershka wanted to keep its sustainable line, using recycled materials and committing to an efficient energy system.


Castel Veciana had a clear vision of what the new lighting should look like to support their Stage Concept. The lighting plan did not only have to look good, but the lighting solutions also needed to be easily installable, compatible with the different store locations, worldwide deliverable, reliable and price competitive. The OneSpace luminous ceiling panels by Philips were chosen to clearly define the various areas. Spot lights with a tough concert look had to offer the right highlights. The linear lighting had to show the way through the store and provide general lighting. These three pillars we’re combined into a light plan to be effective in guiding customers through certain areas of the store, catching their attention to look at certain displays, and leading them to the changing rooms where interest is converted into sales.


Modulars Project Care set down with the people of Philips Iberia to fill in the pillar of linear lighting. We focused on clear lines that are created by black profiles to emphasize the concept with the right look and feel of lighting and design. The SLD75 formed the basis from which our Project Care team and R&D department started to create a special modular system, consisting of six building blocks. All of these can easily be combined and connected to create all lengths needed for a specific location, to meet the logistic and technical requirements as well.


Since 2015 stores have been opened in Japan (Saitama, Hanyu), Italy (Milan), Russia (St. Petersburg), Poland, Bulgari, Ukraine and many more. Our Project Care team keeps a close eye on the process and possible price improvements at all times. This also includes efforts of reducing the number of references, the type of product or production efficiencies. All without touching the product quality, nor the light quality. All in line with the Stage concept we rocked it and keep on doing so!

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Castel Veciana