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Hidden ingenuity

Rektor, the surface-mounted spotlight by Modular, will guide the way around your space. Rektor is a surprising fixture, as it is highly directional despite the super-sleek housing. This makes it a perfect example of accent lighting. Its extensive adjustability and metal colour accent on the housing make it a genuine must-have. Rektor is also handy for highlighting a wall or specific object. Rektor is very versatile in use, as it can also be mounted on the MP78 light line. Recently launched Rektor recessed is nothing more, but also nothing less, than a highly adjustable ceiling spotlight. Pure essence of lighting.

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Rektor recessed LED GE

Rektor recessed LED GE fotoRektor recessed LED GE tekening
Article Nr.ColourReflectorColour Temp.PDF
12821009white strucmedium / 25°warm white / 2700KPDF
12821109white strucflood / 40°warm white / 2700KPDF
12821032black strucmedium / 25°warm white / 2700KPDF
12821132black strucflood / 40°warm white / 2700KPDF
12822009white strucmedium / 25°warm white / 3000KPDF
12822032black strucmedium / 25°warm white / 3000KPDF
12822109white strucflood / 40°warm white / 3000KPDF
12822132black strucflood / 40°warm white / 3000KPDF

Art. Nr. 12821009


Lamp1x LED Array
Gear / TransfoLED gear not incl.
Adjustabilityh 360° v -90°/+90°
Cut-out sizeø 65 h 70
Weight0.74 kg
Min. Distance0.1
Glow Wire Test960°
Source lifetime50000 hrs
Power supply350mA500mA
Connected load11W16.25W
Lumen916 lm1257 lm
Efficacy83 lm/W77 lm/W



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70000614Philips HUE dimmer switch
70000847Philips HUE sensor
70000616Philips HUE bridge EU
70000617Philips HUE bridge UK
13190030Modular connected 1-10v white componentPDF


10490330CONBOX 112X172X100X236PDF


Rektor recessed 1x LED 2700K medium GE white struc polair diagram