January 16, 2018

Wink matches subtlety with functionality at the Opti Q eyewear shop

Since its inception in 1997, Opti Q has been renowned for its optical expertise and eye for quality. For her new eyewear shop in Menen, Belgium, founder and manager Greet wanted the interior to convey that excellence, while also providing a superior, relaxed shopping experience. To balance these requirements, lighting consultant Katja Van Hove gave a leading role to Modular’s singular Wink recessed downlighter with its half-hidden, half-peeking-out design.

Opti Q is a real ‘eye catcher’ in the center of Menen. Located at one of the city’s busiest intersections, the store’s curved façade has been brilliantly integrated into the interior by FIVE AM architecture. The result is a shop divided into several zones: a ‘reception’ zone, a strolling zone, and a functional zone. The latter consists of testing and working areas and is mainly equipped with purely functional lighting profiles. The first two zones, however, have very specific characteristics and functions, and thus lighting requirements

Zone 1: drawing attentio

“The first thing visitors will notice upon entering is the curved, copper-colored wall,” explains Katja. “In this zone, it’s all about drawing attention, but not to the lighting. That’s why we decided to highlight the copper wall with the Asy Wink 115, which has an asymmetrical light beam. This inclined recessed downlighter gently guides spectator’s eyes to the eyewear collection. Thanks to its subtle design, however, the lighting itself remains largely invisible.

Also in the ‘copper zone’ are tables where people can try on sets of glasses. “Here, we opted for the Wink version with a symmetrical light beam. The lighting is more functional, as clients want to have a clear impression of what a pair of glasses will look like in daylight. Wink’s excellent color quality (CRI 90) can really shine here.

Zone 2: relaxed browsin

Behind the copper wall, visitors enter a carpeted corridor where they can browse through the complete collection in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. “In this second zone, we don’t need to draw the visitor’s attention anymore. Instead, we wanted to let the glasses speak for themselves by creating subtle yet highly qualitative lighting conditions. Again, Wink proved to be the ideal solution.

Katja decided to implement the Asy Wink in the corridor to highlight the collections on both sides of the wall. However, instead of using the normal reflector, she used the Asy Wink spreadlight: this Wink is equipped with a spread lens, which creates a very relaxed, soft wall-wash effect. “This ensures that no specific product is ever highlighted, while colors are always rendered as they would be in broad daylight.

A playful wink

In both zones, Wink’s design perfectly complements the curved interior of the store without drawing attention. “For the client, the design was certainly an important factor, as was the playful ‘wink’ to eyes. But ultimately, it was the functionality and flexibility of the downlighter that allowed us to maintain uniformity in design throughout the entire store and keep the focus on the products themselves.”

Katja used the regular Wink, Asy Wink and Asy Wink spreadlight 115 in trimless version. For residential purposes where less light output is needed, Modular now also offers an even subtler 82 mm version. For easier installation, Wink is now also available with aluminum flanges. Get inspired by our complete Wink offering.

Architect: FIVA A
Photography: Philippe Braem,