December 19, 2017

Kanon track lighting sets the mood in Europe’s first Jordan store

Just like friendly salespeople, lighting is essential to create a memorable shopping experience. When done right, it sets the perfect in-store mood, guides our gaze to highlights and interesting accents, and showcases products in all their glory. For the first Jordan store on European soil, located in Paris’ Bastille quartier, only the best was good enough: a carefully thought-out lighting plan, fronted by Modular’s heavyweight track lighting champion, Kanon.

“Retail and track lighting go hand in hand,” says Modular’s Rainer Lachitjaran, who designed the store’s lighting plan in close collaboration with Nike’s global headquarters in the US and Foot locker Europe in the Netherlands. “It offers all the flexibility shops need to adapt to changing seasons and product lines, it’s perfect for accent lighting, and it’s easy to install. Our brand-new, three-step DALI dimming protocol only adds to the incredible versatility of Modular solutions.”

No-nonsense style

For a prestigious project like this, Rainer decided to bring out the big guns. “As the ceilings of the Jordan store are pretty high, we needed powerful lighting that, at the same time, was subtle enough to apply the right accents. Kanon 110, our second most-powerful track lighting solution, was a match made in heaven. It offers all the brightness we need, while a variety of possible beam angles enable a compelling ambiance. What’s more, its no-nonsense design fits amazingly well with the unique rawness and tough ambience of the shop.”

In daylight as on display

Another important aspect of in-store lighting is the ‘color rendering index’, or CRI. This measure of the accurate color representation of light goes from 0 to 100, with 100 being broad daylight. Rainer: “For Jordan, we couldn’t take any chances of potentially disappointing customers: those brand-new basketball shoes needed to look as fly on the street as they did on display. Luckily, Kanon has a CRI of 94.4, which is far above average. What you see is exactly what you get.”

“On top of this, Kanon also boasts a gamut index (color saturation) of 98.8. This means there’s no increase or decrease in saturation of a specific colour. Combined with the high CRI, this even color saturation is the ideal recipe for light quality, and creates the optimal conditions for retail applications.”

On the court

As the Jordan flagship store in Europe, the Bastille shop offers visitors way more than just a glimpse at some of the world’s most coveted sneakers. Rainer: “There’s an actual mini basketball court in the store, where you can try on your new shoes before buying them and see how they perform. Here, I opted for the Drupl fixture instead of Kanon. In addition, there’s also a ‘custom lab’, where shoes are personalized according to the customer’s every wish. Here, I wanted to distribute the light as evenly as possible, which is why I chose our Smart Cake 115 diffuse fixtures. In other areas of the store, I used Vaeder and Smart fixtures as well.”

Kanon, however, definitely remains the Michael Jordan of the Jordan store. Just like the legendary athlete, Modular’s Kanon track lighting packs incredible performance and flexibility with heaps of style. At Jordan Bastille, every day is match day.

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Photography by Arjan van der Bliek