December 5, 2017

Vedrana Ergić on Drupl: creating the ultimate office-space experience

Combining high-quality, glare-free light – courtesy of its characteristic, drop-shaped lens filter – with appealing aesthetics and flexibility, Drupl is a favorite among architects fascinated by the interplay between light and space. Architect Vedrana Ergić made ample use of Drupl at the Adris headquarters in Zagreb, which won the prestigious Bernardo Bernardi award for best interior design in Croatia. We asked her about the role of light in her work, and the effect that Drupl has on the office environment and its residents.

For Vedrana, the creation of the Adris headquarters was the pinnacle of her ongoing relationship with the leading Croatian company, which started in the mid-1990s. Back then, Vedrana was part of the team that created the first interior design for the group’s boardroom. To this day, the subtle elegance of the office still reflects the values of the company. The Zagreb project also marks the first time Vedrana – who has the rare 8-bulb version of Modular’s Multiple Trimless installed at her own apartment – used Drupl.

Where exactly did you use Drupl at the Adris offices?

Vedrana: “Drupl is the primary source of light in the 10,000-m2 Croatia Osiguranje offices, part of the Adris group. In open spaces, Drupl luminaires are interpolated in the baffles of the Armstrong ceilings. In the offices, they are directly installed on the monolithic ceilings. By using line light fixtures on the ceilings between the baffles, we accentuated the continuity of the ceiling lines and achieved high-quality lighting.”

What does Drupl bring to the room that no other lighting solution could offer?

Drupl is a brilliantly designed product and it meets the most important criteria of excellence in product design. It illustrates the DNA of Modular products - clean design, smart functionality and technological superiority.

There are several reasons to choose Drupl as a primary source of lighting in business premises. First, its unique, purified line perfectly suits office ceiling designs. Secondly, it remains well below the prescribed UGR level of 19, while still providing bright lighting that can cover an entire work site. And finally, it’s an extremely efficient light source with very high light intensity and low energy consumption. In this particular project, the requirements for an LEED certificate had to be met.”

Going back to the design itself, how does Drupl’s raindrop shape affect the rooms in the Zagreb offices?

“By combining Drupl ceiling lights and Smart Cake pendant lights above the desks, we have not only achieved light uniformity, but created a stimulating work environment for the employees as well.”

“I am convinced that high-quality lighting is one of the most important factors of comfort in a space. When it is ideally arranged in a functional sense and used strategically for ambience accents, it contributes to a pleasant experience and boosts productivity.”

What role does light in general play in your work? 

“Light is not just a matter of functionality, and the choice of lighting fixtures is not just a matter of appearance. Well-designed lighting is one of the most important layers in an architectural intervention. When designing, I think of a space as a black box theatre in which three-dimensionality is built, spatial volume is defined, and textures are emphasized by light.”

So, what are your criteria for choosing lighting?

“When I choose lighting fixtures and furniture, I also take their cultural importance into consideration. I seek to create the ultimate experience of space; a new microcosm from a previously different context: a modern, but non-trendy environment that an end user will find pleasant and stimulating. In order to achieve this, I focus on unexpected spatial solutions, the total design concept that integrates technological solutions, shaping, details, and lighting design in particular. I strongly believe that well-designed lighting adds that final touch and emphasizes the atmosphere of space.”

With a brand-new surface-recessed version, Drupl has become even more flexible. Discover the full range of options and possibilities on the Drupl product page.


Collection: Vedrana Ergic Architecture - Adris HQ Zagreb

Photography: Romano Decker & Dejan Kutic

© 2016 Romano Decker & Dejan Kutic