June 30, 2017

New season, new lighting solutions.

Summer is here. Finally! Time for fun, friends, sun and relaxing. At Modular this also means we want you to meet our newest lighting solutions. We believe this to be the perfect time to introduce you to Bold, a typically Modular new fixture, and the first additions to our recently founded Qbini family.


Qbini Adjustable

Qbini is our youngest - but already one of our most versatile - product families and we have only just begun! Qbini was launched earlier this year in March and already took home its first award in May (Muuuz International Award). With a new adjustable round version, we are now offering even more options!


As you know by now, this small, modern spotlight is perfect for the more intimate spaces. This also goes for its new Adjustable version, which only comes in a round version and  is best described as “compact”, “simple” and “multitalented”. It’s everything the original Qbini is, adding an asymmetrically rotating light source. This new feature offers you the possibility of highlighting even more details in any interior.


The same patented clicking system and easy installation method as before, Qbini Adjustable offers you the user-friendliness you’re used to of a Modular fixture. Recessed or deeper recess, 1 up to 4 lamps, black or white, 3 accessories… The possibilities are endless and its rotatable LED lets you highlight every special interior design feature with a medium or flood beam angle tilted at 30 degrees. Qbini Adjustable is the perfect example of the sophistication of simplicity, being compact and housing the smallest dedicated heatsink ever designed for a spotlight of its kind



Smart Tubed Wall 82

Talking about versatile product families. Let’s introduce you to the newest addition to our Smart family: Smart tubed Wall 82. This family of beautifully designed and immensely customisable spotlights ads an elegant touch to any interior. Its new wall version now brings a unique lighting effect to your space, shining both up and down.


This new version is compatible with 82mm round spots and directs light up and down or simply down. It comes in three sizes (XL - 190mm, L - 130mm or S - 86mm), two colours (black or white) and can be combined with all other Smart designs (cake, kup and lotis) in white, black or gold. To top things of, it can be fitted with both the adjustable and the fixed versions and the gear-excluded luminaires allow you to include our Connected lighting technology




With only 48mm, this spot proves that bigger is not always better. It’s our most compact Smart luminaire and also one of the most popular ones!  Smart 48 spots and masks are now also available in classic gold, completing the full Smart colour range. This means all smart 48 lamps now come in white, black and gold structure.




We gave you some extensions to existing product families, but now it’s time for something completely new: Bold. This fixture is made up of strong lines, oblique angles and a hidden light source. It manages to attract attention without being pretentious or gaudy.


Bold is the product of a successful collaboration with Dutch designer Studio Kees and is a perfect example of what architectural luminaires are all about. It’s all about paradoxes, based on and inspired by the works of Escher, as well as some of the most fearless architectural features of modern architecture. Bold manipulates perspective to blend in and stand out at the same time. This fixture is the epitome of daring, while playing in harmony with the other stylistic elements of your residential or hospitality space.


This luminaire can be wall or ceiling mounted, in both a vertical or horizontal position and can be flipped around 180 degrees – even after the wall plate was installed. As always with our fixtures, Installation is child’s play, with no visible screws. This is all thanks to a flush-fitted magnetic cover plate. Let yourself be surprised by this marvelous design fixture. Its single light source is artistically hidden within the frame of the fixture, directing its light toward the opposite plane of the wall. This causes the shape and light effect to change with position.



Rektor 2x LED

Rektor’s name was derived from the Latin word “ruler”. Not a coincidence, since this LED fixture has every quality of a true leader: it showcases the distinguished effects of right angles, accented light direction and has absolutely no visible wires. Designed in collaboration with Couvreur.devos, it took home the prestigious Henry Van de Velde design award in 2014.


Now we have doubled the fun! Rektor now comes in a two lamps surface-mounted edition. This offers a greater illumination and even more interesting adjustable lighting effects. Perfect for drawing attention to special features in your interior and for crafting an unmistakable architectural ambiance. Coming in seven colours with a metal housing cover accent, we have all tastes catered for!



Dali - professional dimming for large spaces

Dali, the powerful and professional dimming system for larger projects, now comes in a track rail system for Dali dimmable track spots. Modular offers a surface or recessed track rail (1 or 2 meters), 90° & 180° connections, endplates, suspension sets, recessed brackets and powerfeed units. Moreover, we have also extended our Dali track spot range, which now includes Spektra, Médard, Kanon and Stove. This allows you to combine our cutting-edge dimming system with a track spot that fits any application.



Sensors in profiles

The above mentioned new Dali control system allows Modular to offer a smart profile lighting solution. This incorporates three types of miniature sensors, detecting motion, daylight or infrared lighting. Profiles that are equipped with sensors fit right into an array of professional areas, like open or closed offices, lobbies, bathrooms and meeting rooms.


The incorporation of sensors in our lighting profiles makes the lighting solutions think for you. They are programmed to regulate light levels, based on ambient light, time of day and/or presence in rooms. Lights will be automatically turned off when nobody’s around, thus saving energy (and money). As soon as someone enters the room, lights will be switched on. Other sensors detect sunlight and adjust lighting to a more low-key state. When night falls, lights will be brightened. All of these functions result in a maximum comfort and let you save up to 75% on energy expenditures.




This slim linear lighting solution is the SLD50’s successor. Only launched about a year ago, SLD50 was an instant hit. This profile now makes room for Esseldi, which will take the iconic thin, linear lighting profile even further. This fixture comes in two ready-made lengths (1147 mm or 1920 mm) and a choice of a surface-mounted downlighter or a suspended up/down lighter. Esseldi 1920mm also comes with 2 small, adjustable spotlights (called “eyeballs”) on both ends of the fixture. These are perfectly situated to illuminate key areas of your choice.



Wink 82

Wink is anything but ordinary. This fixture was designed in collaboration with Couvreur.devos in 2015 and immediately won the Good Design Award. Now we’re adding a smaller version: our new Wink 82. The essence stays the same though: it still manages to peek out of the ceiling and provoke your curiosity. Its asymmetrical curves and angles still give Wink 82 an attractive dual sense of softness and straightforwardness that will add an extra special something to any intimate space.


That’s not all! Not only are we introduction a smaller version of Wink, we’re also adding a new accessory: Wink Flange. This feature will be compatible with all 3 Wink lamps and adds an extra touch in the form of a low ring around the spot, rather than a completely seamless install. That’s still not all: this new accessory enables Wink to be installed in concrete ceilings.